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Who do you think would be the strictest in enforcing our immigration laws, Clinton, McCain or Obama?


Bush is a Republican, but he can't, on his own, do a whole lot with out Congress. It is a Dem. Congress and THEY are the ones failing in securing the border and enforcing existing laws.

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    I believe Obama would be. Let's not forget that McCain was in favor of a pro-amnesty bill not too long ago.

  • justa
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    The border was a joke under six years of Republican rule in congress too. Bush wants plenty of cheap labor to reduce the labor costs for his friends in Texas.

    Our laws have been there for a long time, we don't need more laws, we need the ones we have enforced. But, frankly, we need to understand that we no longer have the money for it. And getting rid of twelve million illegals presents a logistical nightmare. That's twelve million people taking their jobs, homes, business and money out of the country at one time. Not something we can afford to do.

    All we can do is keep more out, and there seems to be no great will to do more than complain. Not by any of them.

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    McCain would be the strictest being that he is a republican. Clinton would look into it, Obama, not sure what he'd do about it. Among the three, I'd trust McCain the most, although, all politicians are Politicians, if you know what I mean. My vote is for McCain, though.

  • Me!! Let's build a big ol' fence but here's the tricky part, it won't cover the whole border, just part of it. It will be a total inconvenience 'cause they'll have to walk a little bit further. But it will waste plenty of the tax payers money! I'll bet I can even give out a no-bid contract or two...

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  • McCain. Though Bush is already trying to put up a fence around the border.

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    I believe McCain is beginning to learn that the people want the borders closed. I doubt Obama and Hillary will ever understand

    Source(s): SFC US Army Retired
  • Mac
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    Neither of the three gets it. McCain though has said some things lately to indicate he's beginning to get it, and is at least studying it. Clinton and Obama? Are you serious? They'll throw a party for all illegal immigrants and tax us to pay for it.

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    None of them are going to be strict on immigration. Ever hear of the North American Union? They want us to be part of Mexico and all 3 of them are for it. C, M, and O have the best interest of the corporations in mind, not you or me.

  • Anonymous
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    McCain definatly. Rebublicans tend to do that more.

    And between Clinton, and Obama, Obama would probably not enforce as mutch as Clinton, cuz hes black.

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    McCain most definetely

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