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Maui M asked in TravelAsia PacificTaiwan · 1 decade ago

Does the People's Republic of China(mainland China) recognize Taiwan's flag?

Does anyone know if PRC(Mainland China) recognizes, that is approves of, Republic of China's(Taiwan) flag? If a PRC Chinese sees a Taiwanese flag does the PRC Chinese person get irritated or something? I'm curious to know, because PRC is afterall, Mao's country and Taiwan is Chiang Kai Shek's country, they both went to war in 1949 so I wonder if PRC Chinese people have some animosity towards Taiwanese Chinese people. Do PRC Chinese people get irritated by seeing a Taiwanese flag the same way if they saw a Tibetan flag?


Ajeet M

Ooooh Ajeet, interesting stuff, I saw the websites you informed me they are eye opening. You said there is alot more, if you know more websites that show that could you inform us? LIke Britney Spears sings, "gimme gimme gimme more!"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Whether mainland and overseas Chinese would be irritated depends a lot on the context and the intention of the using of the flag:

    Most Chinese would not be irritated by simply seeing the Taiwan flag. In fact, many may even be quite relieved because it signifies a win for the Pan-Blue.

    But if it was raised by a foreign government or an international body (even if just for sport), it would be seen as a VERY serious provocation.


    But Chinese is NOT unique....

    I live in Australia. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Cathy Freeman (a beautiful Australian aboriginal lady) won Gold for Australia. She wrapped herself in an aboriginal flag after the win. Her action caused a serious uproar amongst the Australian public SIMPLY FOR displaying that flag. I can't imagine what would happen if the IOC decides to raise the aboriginal flag instead of the Australian national flag. I have no doubt a lot of the anger would turn violent.

    In most cases, if we put aside our prejudices, and place ourselves in the other side's situation, you may find that there is actually very little difference between us. All human beings are in fact born with very similar emotions and attributes. We just happen to be on different sides.

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    • jeremy11 months agoReport

      Sadly ,when ROC fighted Commies... Truman imposed arm embargo.On the other side commies get everything from Soviet.

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  • Terri
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    4 years ago

    I'm from Taiwan, and personally, I really don't like being called from the Republic of China because most people don't understand it and they only hear the last word...China, and assume I'm from China. Which ROC flag are you talking about? There's only one flag...the blue square in the top left corner with a white star and the rest is red. Taiwan is NOT part of China...they are a communist country; we have a democratic government.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The PRC doesnt officially 'recognize' Taiwan's flag.

    But the government seems to be able enough to recognize it to ask it to be removed whenever it appears near them. I do wonder if a normal person in China would know what the flag looks like.

    Recently at some sporting events the PRC athletes and coaches physically assaulted some Taiwanese athletes who showed their flag.

    Every chance the government of China gets to belittle Taiwan it does so. It doesn't matter- they still arnt getting the tax money from the people here (at least not until Ma starts paying them off anyways)

    Hmm, last time an American from the southern states showed the Ol' glory confederate flag I dont recall a large amount of people physically assaulting them. So PRC people seem strangely touchy about a piece of dusty cloth.

    PRC Chinese people should relax. Its a freakin' flag. It represents people from a geographic area that is different than theirs. Thats it.

    I personally think Taiwan should pick a better flag that represents their geographic area better than a boring old KMT party symbol designed in the early 1900's- it would be less inflammatory and help separate the bad past historical associations for both sides. Turn over a new leaf Asia! Stop dwelling on past wrongs and get past it. Work together and stop snarling like dogs over a dry bone.

    Stomping on people about a symbol is pointless and makes people not want to do business with them.

    Heck, out here I see misguided (Han Chinese) morons showing the freaking Nazi red swastika on their moterbike helmets and on their clothes. What the hell is up with that- the Nazis would have put all 1.3 billion into the gas chambers for the wearing being too damn brown-eyed!?! Why show support for that idea? Is there something the PRC Hans admire about Nazis? I dont try to shoot them but I do roll my eyes a bit and wonder about the stupidity/ ignorance of the guy doing that. If the guy was on fire on the street I might still stop to pee on him to put it out, but I probably wouldnt give the guy a loan for the hospital after.

    PRC Chinese should relax and treat the flag issue like that. Its bad history. Stop resurrecting and reliving past wrongs and keep thinking about a good future for yourselves and dont force others to do what you say- just use your purchasing power as a consumer to encourage the different areas of the world to do your bidding. And if money doesnt work than it probably just isnt worth the loss of respect that others will give you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am M'sian Han (not Chinese).PRC Chinese are already brainwashed by Communist.They don't give Taiwanese independence because they just want to spread Communist ideology.They don't love Confucianist Han or Buddhist Han anymore because both of these religions are more to democracy.

    If China was not brainwashed by Communist Ideology,Nanyang Han could have established Han's "Israel" state in South East Asia with the British help.

    There is no more smart Han in China anymore as they were wiped out by Mao's regime before able to leave their offspring.

    I hope Taiwan,Tibet,Manchuria and HongKong+Macao will get their independences in near future.But I don't hope Islamic Xinjiang follows suit.

    Look at Great Britain,the 'dad' of USA,Australia,Canada and New Zealand.GB was so generous to give his 'sons' (except USA) independences and now they control the world together!

    Source(s): There are many shameless PRC hookers in M'sia that give impressions to other ethnics that Msian Han female are also preferring to get fuc*ked by other ethnic like them. PRC has the highest fatalities of coal miners. All the PRC products are hazardous & low quality because the culture introduced by Communist regime. Badminton player LinDan and LiYongBo behave like pariahs.
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  • 1 decade ago

    PRC does not recognize Taiwan's flag. Taiwan uses the flag of the Republic of China, and we sing the ROC national anthem here in Taiwan.

    PRC does not recognize ROC or Taiwan. They refer to us as a province of China. Taiwan competes in international events as "Chinese Taipei". It's as if the the US is forcing Canada to compete as "American Ottawa".

    By any criterion, Taiwan is a sovereign nation, not a province. Most of us foreigners in Taiwan hope that differences between our beautiful and hospitable home (ROC) and PRC will be peacefully resolved in a way that benefits both sides of the strait.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It was Mr. Sun Yat-sen who established the Republic of China. He was the first president of ROC who overturned the Qing Dynasty and brought a different form of ruling to China other than "Empire". The ROC/Taiwan flag is used as the flag of China - entire China including Taiwan Provience. The ROC is a democatic government. Chiang Kai-shek succeed Mr. Sun Yat-sen's president position after Mr. Sun passed away and formed the political party - KMT (KMT is same party as next Taiwan president 2008.) . People's life were not good for the period under ROC/KMT ruling of China. Highly courption, the rich was getting richer, and the poor was getting poorer. The poor people (mostly farmer and uneducated people) were supporting the Communist party formed by Mao Zedong and went into civil war of China between those 2 parties. The communist won the war, and people from KMT party retreated to the Taiwan Provience. [Well... During the KMT retreat, they brought away every treasure that was movable as well including many talents of the country. The "rich" people also leave mainland China went to either HK or Taiwan.) The Mao government declared China as People Republic of China after the war. The Communist party did not do a good job in ruling China as the country was ruled by a bunch of uneducated people... but the current communist China did a pretty good job for the last 20 years as people's life improved significantly. (Even I don't like communist China, but I appraise for what they do good.)

    As a Chinese, I am not irritated for the Taiwan flag as a sign of China flag (ex-dynasty or political party), and even more comfort to ROC than RPC, or even love to see KMT to rule over entire China again if they did a good job. BUT I won't support Taiwan independent, and Taiwan is a provience of China.

    Communist China certainly doesn't like their ex-dynasty.

    P.S> The Taiwan is certainly a place where ex-Chinese government loves. When the China Qing dynasty overturned China Ming dynasty. China Ming government retreated to Taiwan in 1644 as well.

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  • 1 decade ago


    They are very active in the Sporting scene DEMANDING Taiwanese flags to be removed:

    This is the best of the PRC National's uncouth character:

    There is a lot more :):):)

    The PRC is currently telling everyone not to mix Politics and Sports while they are doing this on a continous basis and everyone is just closing one eye for all their indescretions. They are really quite shameless but not as shameless as the Govts that let them get away with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    At this moment, people can't bring the Taiwan flag in China openly. Even the book which depicts Taiwan and China separately is illegal in China.

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  • 1 decade ago

    PRC recogniaes china taipei's flag, but not taiwan.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why did not you observe more before posing a stupid question?

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