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ipod touch screen question?

If you grab a coin and you rub it firmly at the ipod touch screen, will the screen scratch? Is the ipod screen really scratchless? Can I trust on the youtube videos?

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    Judge it for yourself; the iPod Touch screen is glass. To answer the specific question: no. I just did it with my iPhone.

    That's why it doesn't scratch like the other mp3 players, because whilst they use a plastic material, iPod Touch and iPhones use a glass screen.

    That's also why it smudges more than like any other material. But I'd rather have tons of smudges I can easily wipe off than something that can easily be scratched.

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  • 1 decade ago

    WELL......EVERY SCREEN IS SCRATCHABLE THERES NO SCREEN THATS SCRATCHLESS SOOO YES IT WILL SCRATCH...(if this answer answers ur question pick it as the best answer ok?)

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  • 5 years ago

    extremely tough aspect. try searching using bing and yahoo. just that may help!

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