3mm the brightest L.E.D.s?

The superflux chips are brighter obviously, but between the regular LEDs, the 3mm is the brightest?


I'm curious as to why if that is the case.

My best guess is because of the plastic covering the diode which refracts the light so that it is more seperated. If you are trying to light up the footwells in a car, Would I use 3mm to get it to light up the brightest look? Im guessing I would probably have to use a few more than the 5mm or 10mm, and I don't want to get superflux cause they are too expensive and theres less rooms for mistakes, which I need room for :P

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    1 decade ago
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    Usually the 5mm are brighter. Especially if you get ones that are 3500 mcd.

    Look up super bright LEDs.

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