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Im looking for a nice road/mountain bike for $400 or less. What is the best choice?


Im about 170lbs and 5ft11in.

Update 2:

Ive been looking at the Shimano XT 27 Speed Mountain Bike.

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    I bought a really nice K2 for $300 that was the previous years model and had a price of $1100 originally. Only thing was I had to get it put together but that only cost me 50 bucks. They used to have a website but now sell strictly on ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/eDiscountBike_W0QQsspagenam...

    I just was looking the other day at a mountain bike for my girlfriend in a local store and anything under 400 was complete crap (plastic brake handles, pedal, made in china white metal crap) I would rather pay 400 dollars for a bike that was last years model and get a better bike. Just make sure you do go into a store that sells the one you want to buy online and check it out, they have different frames ie 15" or 17" and you don't want to get a bike that will be too small or too big.

    (HAHA I Beat you QWERTY!)

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    Check out the Sedona ans Cypress By GIANT. They are both in the $400 range, depending on the bike shop. Also if you are planning on riding road more, the GIANT FCR is nice.


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    get a giant ocr 3 road bike. best bike for the money. you should be able to get it on ebay for about $300-400 tops

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    google bicycle stores in your are, you'll be able to find the bike you want and test them too. Once you know the name and size of the bike that's good for you, search online and check for older models.

    I have a Trek roadbike that was the same as the bike used by the Discovery Team in 2005 and I got it for $500... it used to be over 2000 brand new...

    Good luck. Trek's are good bikes.

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    look in ebay :)

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