If you have a good idea for a new invention....?

and you know that it is a good idea, how does one go about having it marketed. I mean, can I have my idea patented and sell the idea or do I have to have it manufactured myself. And where will the money come from if I have none. What to do?

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    Make sure you have a little money to back you . I had a good invention one time and went through one of the inventors help things and they always wanted money for this and that . Well they did there job OK but 600 bucks down the road i get a book explaining what they need what things are made out of the potentials the invention could earn and so on Then they needed money to take it to some sort of invention expo then they needed money to get manufactures then money for the manufacturer .It was a never ending give me money thing that i just didn't have . Then i started noticing my ideas on other products similar to mine . All my ideas was sold off and there wasn't a thing i could do about it unless i had a bunch of money. So to answer your question yes you need your own manufacturer with plenty of cash to back you , You need to get your product out all at one time before its copied by cheap imitations that do the same thing that your invention does .

    You know the guy that invented the digital watch only made $100 dollars off of it and look how many digital devices we have out.

    Face it this world is set up for the rich. If its a good enough invention maybe you can find a buyer willing to give you a good lump sum but to do it all yourself then have some money backing you

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