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Why is America always trying to keep other countries from having nuclear weapons?

It seems the idea is to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The problem with that is if no one has nuclear weapons, then someone will get some and then rule the world. It's kind of like gun control. You can't take the guns away from criminals; they will get them back or make them out of scrap metal if they have to. The only way for a nation to protect itself is to be fully armed with all of the latest technology and weopons. What am I missing here?

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    The day of the nuclear weapon is past. Back during the cold war, the Soviet Union had hundreds of nuclear weapons. So did we. In fact, there were enough nukes between us to destroy the world several times over. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, that threat is essentially gone. 'Russia' is not the Soviet Union. Russia has nuclear weapons, but are no where near the position that the Soviet Union once was. Now is the time for all nations to begin to dispose of their nuclear weapons. If the U.N. or the world body had any back bone they would band together for the common good and ensure that all nuclear weapons were accounted for and desposed of.

    One or two nuclear weapons will ruin your whole day, but if that's all you've got it'll be the last act of desperation, not a means to world domination. You'd fire off your nukes and the world would come down on you with conventional weapons like we've never seen. So I'm not concerned about that. And, it's tough to make a nuke in your basement, contrary to internet legend.

    No, nuclear weapons need to be disposed of around the world, even by the United States. Their time is past and they are one of the main causes of tension in the world today.

    Source(s): Worked with the U.S. Navy's Trident and Poseidon ICBM programs.
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    Sorry, but guns aren't exactly like nuclear weapons. Enriching uranium isn't exactly an easy thing to do. Bottom line is that nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue nations like North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria couldn't POSSIBLY be a good idea for world stability. If you think this would even up the playing field, then I would have to ask you again how this helps? We are AMERICANS! Since when do we need to "allow" other countries to have nukes, which would ultimately make things harder for us?

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    What you're missing is that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was something that the smaller countries pushed for, and expect the nuclear powers to enforce.

    Sure, your view of things seems to make a lot of sense, but the idea behind the NPT was one of parity. If you live in a third-world country, and suddenly your neighbors have nukes, well, then, you're gonna have to get them too.

    Those countries did not want to have their own mini nuclear arms race, and that's the idea behind the NPT.

    So, to answer your question: the reason that the US is trying to keep these countries from having nuclear weapons is because they asked us to do exactly that.

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    Ironic how America is trying to prevent others from developing Nuclear weapons, yet it itself refuses to sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treat lol.

    The more Nations that possess nuclear weapons, the less secure the world becomes. Can you imagine particular corrupt governments in Africa with WMD's? I'm sure you've heard the Acronym MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Less secure and corrupt governments with nuclear weapons seems a particularly fatal recipe...

    As for your comparison to gun control, I do see your point but I still believe it worth while to prevent and aim for a world without such weapons. Moreover, it is difficult to fairly compare the two, seeing developing Nuclear Weapons. I would explain why, but unfortunately I really need to go :(

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    Just who do we retaliate against when a terrorist group not connected with a nation explodes one in Washington DC or any other prime city.

    With rogue nations like North Korea and Iran in the nuclear mix how long before Muslim fanatics get their hand on these deadly weapons.

  • Nukes are a bad idea anywhere, but we already have them and we have not used them since Japan. That was the first and last time. If the liberals want everyone to have them then be prepared for a lunatic some day. If I know Liberals, they will allow countries to build them, and then back off when they point them in our face.

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    The genie is out of the bottle, it is just a matter of time when any nation that wants a nuclear weapons will obtain them.

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    The countries currently in hot pursuit of nukes currently have an agenda for the destruction of countries friendly to U.S., Israel & South Korea. So the wholesale slaughter first conducted by the U.S. would be reinacted again or complete nuclear blackmail (N. Korea) would be used to push their agendas.

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    Its not just the US!! All current nuclear nations are part of a system that tries to limit any more nuclear proliferation!!

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    the countrys' possessing nuclear weapons are usually not the brightest of people but rather the third world types....why would anyone believe those countrys wouldn't use them if provoked enough. a gun can never be compared to a nuclear warhead!

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