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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago

Has the "burning jet plane fuel" theory been PUBICALLY disproved by any TRULY CREDIBLE experts,...?

regarding the reasons for the collapse of both World Trade Towers?

If your answer is "yes",.. would you please provide proof by

listing only those credible and educated sources that are qualified enough to disprove the official explanation. There may be people who are not totally convinced by the 9/11

commissiion report but they STILL need solid evidence from

those with EXPERTISE on the subject of forensics.

PLEASE,... no uneducated opinions here. Either you have

specific evidence pointing to SOME OTHER REASON

for the collapse, or you don't. Convince me.

Remember,.. B$ walks. If it wasn't jet fuel, what was it,...

and where is YOUR best evidence. Anything less is just

UNEDUCATED speculation.


Jeff's attempted humorous coments

not withstanding,... the next two comments did come from folks who

actually read well my question. Do you see the words "evidence" "educated"

and "expertise"?

Update 2:

Jeff's attempted humorous coments

not withstanding,... the next two comments did NOT come from folks who actually read well my question.

Do you see the words "evidence" "educated"

and "expertise"?

Update 3:


Is the ignition point only and not the

point where ALL fuel was burned up.

You have no expertise, do you?

Update 4:

Max50, which side are you taking,

and what sites are proving what


Update 5:

Will R,

The "certain people can get away with murdur."

Wouldn't those "people" be the folks

who actually FLEW THE PLANES?

Or did they fly all by themselves?

Too hard of a question for you?

7 Answers

  • Max50
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Here is your proof.

    This is the proof how the building did came down by the jets crashing into the WTC.

    Sorry I am little gun shy when it comes to people who even think that the WTC came down by anything else.

    So my post in support of how they really came down not but what the consiparcy nuts have been trying to do.

    Engineers Explain WTC Collapse

    Report Ties WTC Collapses to Column Failures


    Simulation for the collapse of WTC after aeroplane impact - Lu XZ., Yang N., Jiang JJ. Structure Engineer, 66(sup.). 2003, 18-22

    Bazant, Z.P., & Zhou, Y.

    "Addendum to 'Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? - Simple Analysis" (pdf)

    Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 3, (2002): 369-370.

    Brannigan, F.L.

    "WTC: Lightweight Steel and High-Rise Buildings"

    Fire Engineering v.155, no. 4, (2002): 145-150.

    Clifton, Charles G.

    Elaboration on Aspects of the Postulated Collapse of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers

    HERA: Innovation in Metals. 2001. 13 December 2001.

    "Construction and Collapse Factors"

    Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002): 106-108.

    Corbett, G.P.

    "Learning and Applying the Lessons of the WTC Disaster"

    Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002.): 133-135.

    "Dissecting the Collapses"

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    "Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation"

    JOM v. 53, no. 12, (2001): 8-12.

    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Therese McAllister, report editor.

    World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations

    (also available on-line)

    Gabrielson, T.B., Poese, M.E., & Atchley, A.A.

    "Acoustic and Vibration Background Noise in the Collapsed Structure of the World Trade Center"

    The Journal of Acoustical Society of America v. 113, no. 1, (2003): 45-48.

    Glover, N.J.

    "Collapse Lessons"

    Fire Engineering v. 155, no. 10, (2002): 97-103

    Marechaux, T.G.

    "TMS Hot Topic Symposium Examines WTC Collapse and Building Engineering"

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    Monahan, B.

    "World Trade Center Collapse-Civil Engineering Considerations"

    Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction v. 7, no. 3, (2002): 134-135.

    Newland, D.E., & Cebon, D.

    "Could the World Trade Center Have Been Modified to Prevent Its Collapse?"

    Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 7, (2002):795-800.

    National Instititue of Stamdards and Technology: Congressional and Legislative Affairs

    “Learning from 9/11: Understanding the Collapse of the World Trade Center”

    Statement of Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr., before Committee of Science House of Representatives, United States Congress on March 6, 2002.

    Pinsker, Lisa, M.

    "Applying Geology at the World Trade Center Site"

    Geotimes v. 46, no. 11, (2001).

    The print copy has 3-D images.

    Public Broadcasting Station (PBS)

    Why the Towers Fell: A Companion Website to the Television Documentary.

    NOVA (Science Programming On Air and Online)

    Post, N.M.

    "No Code Changes Recommended in World Trade Center Report"

    ENR v. 248, no. 14, (2002): 14.

    Post, N.M.

    "Study Absolves Twin Tower Trusses, Fireproofing"

    ENR v. 249, no. 19, (2002): 12-14.

    The University of Sydney, Department of Civil Engineering

    World Trade Center - Some Engineering Aspects

    A resource site.

    "WTC Engineers Credit Design in Saving Thousands of Lives"

    ENR v. 247, no. 16, (2001): 12.

    The Towers Lost and Beyond

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Eduardo Kausel, John E. Fernandez, Tomasz Wierzbicki, Liang Xue, Meg Hendry-Brogan, Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Oral Buyukozturk, Franz-Josef Ulm, Yossi Sheffi

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  • 4 years ago


    Source(s): Experience Real Flight Simulation :
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you look at the photo's/videos, there are people standing in the "hot spot" of the flame.


    If you search online you can find 2 fire fighter audio tapes that were not given to the CIA as "evidence", this includes audio of a firefighter reaching the hotspot and saying that they needed 1 maybe 2 lines to put out the fire as most of it was out.

    Most of the Jet fuel is burned up in the explosion, thus the big ball of fire.

    It really is sad that the US gov. and certain people can get away with murder. It seems that when ever something big happens to an American Politician, one man is framed but nothing makes sense.

    ps. Ah but there was molten metal.

    The fact that there is a lack of proof to say that this is how everything went down, yet there is more proof through financial benefits that the owner of the Trade Centers knew it was coming. Larry Silverstein.

    He took out a massive insurance plan for terrorist insurance from the US gov. so now the American Citizens are paying for the remodeling of some of the best real estate in the world.

    oh and his demolition was free...

    and he help launch a Christian vs Muslim war in the middle east, while Israel leaders sit there acting innocent.

    Then there are the guys like GE and other top corporations/investment firms that all short sold on the airline stocks the week before.

    Military Contracts + World Bank is lending Iraq money to pay Haliburtan to rebuild thier country.

    Osama Bin Laden makes ----$0 and dies after having his taliban regime hunted down and disbanded.

    Larry Silverstein - $ Insurance money +holy war

    Haliburtan - several Billion dollars

    a crap load of other people make millions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is an exercise in futility to discuss facts with conspiracy theorist. Once they believe they have a thread of evidence there is no way possible to get them to admit they are wrong. We have these people today, yesterday and I am sure tomorrow. They are still looking for evidence of a JFK conspiracy. Once this generation of conspiracy theorist age and die, it will end. Then a new crop will be born to continue the legacy of conspiracy theorist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Did you know that you can soften steel using charcoal? You can melt certain metals completely using charcoal. Jet fuel burns hotter than charcoal. Even then, to cause structural failure you do not need to get the metal molten or even softened that much.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It wasn't just jet fuel, there was also diesel fuel from the generators that were in the building, add that to the burning debris and viola!.

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  • Lurch
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I agree with you, but damn, now you went and woke those fruitcakes up...

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