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Is Heros a lame X-men rip off?

Or is it an awesome X-men rip off?


ok x-men and heros are both caused by genetic mutations, come on.

Update 2:

Hannah.kate i highly doubt your friend plays caitlyn, i do believe you are a 27 year old man living in your parents basement.

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    I love heroes... I like to think of it as *inspired* by X-men rather than ripped off. Plus all the heroes are HOT! ;)

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    Could be, just like rap music is an Old School R&B rip off, and most soaps rip off each other, and NCIS is a CSI rip off, and most cop shows are L&O ripoffs. Get the picture? There are lots of stories out there about people with genetic mutations, many of which were written long before X-Men was ever created. So is X-Men a rip-off too? Just enjoy the show, and if you don't, change the channel.

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    its not an x-men rip off at all.

    so no-one can write stories about people with 'super' powers without you thinking they've copied x-men?

    thats like saying Die Hard is a rip off of Lethal Weapon.

    It's not using the same characters or storyline, and the only reason people in the Heroes world ahve the same powers as people in the x-men world is because there's hundred or thousands of different x-men, so pretty much every power is taken up.

    i'm a fan of both series.

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    The school part is fine. There are many books like that that I have read, but they didn't turn out well. Make sure to plan your story out, and not be like the plot of X Men. It can have some vague similarities, but if it's too close people will notice.

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    no Heroes is awesome i cant wait till i can watch the 2nd season

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    no its not heroes has more death and killing and in x men they all have powers tht do stuff but in heroes sum ov them hve powers tht dont do jack like tht women tht had powers to hear better and tht guy tht melted the toaster .

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    It's so much better than Xmen!

    My friend plays Caitlin.

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