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    At a lot of times, due to the stress for tension in schooling and studies, many teenagers tend to relax themselves via computers. However, since they do not possess the ability of self-control on timing, they played with the computers for hours ! Therefore teenagers nowadays do not even have the time to do some sports because most of their time are spent on the computers for chatting, computer games, etc.

    I have read a lot of newspaper stories on the lacking of playing sports because of above reason. We can observe that not only teenagers but also adults are lacking time for sports which leads to more frequent suffering from illness ! Many teenagers have their studies affected because of their indulgence in computers and even influencing their relationships with friends. One of my friends is a typical example !

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    hi我可以help到你...Every so often, because the young people in the too many study pressure, brings about them to have to depend on the computer to relax.But, they do not understand the control time, as soon as plays then plays very are fully many a clock! Therefore said, now the young people link the movement the time also even not to have! Because the major part time all is treating a computer, on these nets chats, computer games and so on… I have read very many newspapers, middle all has said about because of lacks the movement like this the news. May see, not only the young people, the major part people all are this, thus causes disease to be many! Very many young people are affect the studies because of this, even also sparsely leaves with friend's relations, I had a friend then am this...如果你覺得有咩錯/要改的話.你可以自己改.thx

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    Very often, many young people causing them to rely on computers to relax themselves. However, they do not know how to control time,because too many young people learning on the pressure, a lot of playing it on a full 10 minutes! So, now even the movement of young people do not even have the time! Because most of the time in front of computers, those on-line chatting, computer games and so on. . .

    I have read many newspapers, which have said that because of this on the news and lack of exercise. Can see that not only young people, most of the people are this way, leading to many diseases! Many young people is because this will affect their studies, or even the relationship between friends and also alienated, I have a friend is like this.

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