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? asked in 環境其他 - 環境 · 1 decade ago

急急急 ..盧家大屋<澳門>



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    The large room of the Lu s lies in the hall lane No. 79. It is one of the large residences of the Lu &#39;s in Macao to have another name called &quot; gold and jade hall &quot;, nearly completed in 1889, it is the valuable Chinese style building of Macao.

    Model of the warm gentle very thin architectural style of local-style dwelling houses in Guangdong that it was late Qing. Is it is it three enter pattern of two stories for three room to build to it&#39;s time, with blue and green to spend ceramic tile, casting iron railing tile carving, dust mould, horizontal wall inscription, is it fall to register for, full state window build up. Reflect the characteristic that the peculiar Chinese and Western architectural style of Macao matches well.

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