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lomo 相機 - Vivitar Ultra and Slim 22mm 超廣角 攝影問題


我買了一部Vivitar Ultra and Slim 22mm 超廣角相機.


請問要用哪隻菲林呢?另外,咩叫slide菲林 and e沖c ?

thx so much

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    The normal 135 film we use are called negatives,

    since they use a chemical (C-41) to process it.

    after that the film would turn red-brownish in color.

    But if you use slide film, it uses another processing chemical (E-6),

    which would result in a film in full RGB colors so we call them positives/reversal film.

    However if you take the slide to a film shop and request E to C,

    the shop would process the slide film in the C-41 chemical instead,

    which would cause a crash in colors creating a more sharper, saturated effect.

    You can try buying the Kodak Elite Chrome 100 or Fuji Sensia 100.

    If you want better saturated effects, try Fuji Velvia 100.

    (fuji films are slightly red in color, and the kodak film is more of the bluish-green effect)

    Hope you enjoy lomography :)

    Source(s): own experience
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