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    For many years, I always have interests in sports. When I was the junior high school

    student, the PE class held twice a week was the subject which I looked forward most.

    I was especially interested in baseball and basketball. Therefore, I decided to go to

    Taipei to study in Sports Management. However, when I was a junior in college I

    found out that I was still fond of playing sports. It's just like the game "tug of war".

    It seems that I always on the sports part. And the management part seems so far from

    me because there's no use of learning the management part in the future. Of course,

    I like to watch MLB sportscast on sports channel. After the spring training,

    Chen-Ming Wang’s changeup is so spectacular. Moreover, he is also good at

    throwing sinker, slider and splitter. Furthermore, he even starts to use his four-seam

    fastball. This makes me want to cut the classes to watch his games.

    Source(s): 我自己的翻譯 :)
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