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Asking Different Questions and Providing Different Answers

Ideas for truely creative goods, products, and services sometimes come from asking different kinds of questions and seeking different kinds of answers . When George Ohr discovered the wonders of making clay pots at a potter's wheel in the late 1800s, he learned as much as he could about pots. Then he questioned everything that people at the time thought pots should look like, and he provided answers in his own unique from of

pottery art.Disdained at the time, Ohr's pottery is now so revered for its creativity and beauty that his pots

command five-digit prices.Famed architect Frank Gehry drsigned the Ohr-O'Keefe museum in Ohr's hometown of Biloxi,Mississippi, to display Ohr's work.Ohr turned pot making on its head.Each of his pots was unique:He would from perfact shapes and then crumple them like newspaper: He would make delicate, paper-thin pots he carved writings into his pots;and he used bright,bold colors all unheard of at the time and hailed as innovations decades later. It was only after Ohr's death that the art world recognized the genius and beauty in his work,which came from Ohr's unique answers to the question of pottery as an form.



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    問不同的問題 得到各式各樣的解答

    有時候想要真正有創意的工藝 產品 或者服務 是來是不停的問各式各樣的問題 然後尋找不同的答案

    在19世紀末 George Ohr在陶藝工作台上開始對製陶有疑問的時候, 他盡可能的學習有關陶藝的知識. 他質疑所有人在那個時候認定的陶器應該長什麼樣 , 然後用他自己特殊的陶器造型藝術來解決那些疑問. 跟當時相比 Orh今日的陶藝由於其令人尊崇的創意及美感, 以致於人們願意為 他的作品付出五位數字的價錢.


    著名的建築師Frank Gehry 在Orh’s 的家鄉 位於密西西比州的Biloxi, 設計了Ohr-oKeefee博物館來展示Ohr的作品. 陶瓷變成Orh的最重要的作品 . 他的每一件作品都非常獨特. 他可以從非常完美的形狀然後揉皺像揉一張報紙一樣 . 他可以創造出非常精巧, 像紙一樣薄的陶器. 他在陶器上刻字. 他用當時聞所未聞的明亮大膽的線條, 後世禮讚為創新的年代. 在Orhs逝世後, 藝術界認同他作品所顯現的天賦及美感是來自他對於陶器形狀的問題所給予的獨特的答案

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