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Enough With This for The Last Time Who Is The MVP??

Heres My top ten For MVP:

10 Tracey Mcgrady: Led The rockets To The 22 run Longest Run Since The Lakers did it now He Had Some injuries but he's Playig without Yao i Give him props But Since There not Passed The Second Round Gonna get Sweep. He's At Ten.

9: Deron Williams: Dude The Team Was like 16 In a Row at Home thats Amazing But i Say They need Some Run To Him Thats The Only Way The Jazz can be Contenders

8: amare He Is A Monster with Shaq But They Ain't doing Nothing!

7:Nash Same With Amare

6: Duncan Look What He Did The Last Too Games No Comment.

5: LeBron Great Player But Needs A Little Bit of good Players As Well.

4 Dwight (Superman) Howard i Was Gonna Put him at 3 But being A Magic Fan it Is Hard But Dwight back To back 20-20 Performs? Wow Pretty Darn Good

3: KG He is Just Oh Ya He Just Got A 3! KG Be Real

Now The Top 2:

2: Kobe Bryant i Know i Know He Is Good And All But Gosh he Has all The Help He Needs And Thats Crap.

So you Will Be In Shock Who My MVP


My MVP Is!!: Kwame Brown: Hah You Know im Joking Its CP3

Update 2:

Tell Me Your Top Ten And Why Btw,

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    1. Chris Paul: has record setting numbers and elevates all his teammates to a new level

    2. Lebron: Makes his team so much better, Cavs would be nothing without him, who else is on that team? And he has monster ridonkulous numbers. Highest PER in the league.

    3. KG: Completely turned the defensive attitude and franchise around. His presence and leadership are impressive more so than his numbers.

    4. Kobe: I wouldn't even be thinking about him really if the media hasn't hyped him so much. He does have great numbers though.

    5. Dwight Howard: man-child. enough said

    6. Antawn Jamison: One of few guys to put up 20 and 10. Consistently good and has carried the Wiz all season.

    7. Nash: Just look at the suns when he's on the bench

    8. Duncan: One of the most dominant players of all time, does everything, defense, rebound, score, pass

    9. Deron Williams: Beast, too bad Chris Paul is in the league, runs the offense to perfection

    10. Ginobili: I hate him, always flops, but does help the Spurs tremedously

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  • 3 years ago

    i think of it became into deffinately mike scifres he pinned the colts interior their very own 10 backyard line approximately 5 situations i propose as a punter you cant get from now on advantageous than that sproles additionally had a large interest yet im giving it to scifres because of the fact sproles did fumble the ball on the single backyard line and fee the chargers some factors on that stress

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  • 1 decade ago

    And Chris Paul doesn't have good players in All star David West, former All star Peja, Chandler, and a good bench.....

    Kobe MVP you will see...

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  • 1 decade ago

    there are really very few contenders i think

    my top two would be nash and paul

    nash is consistant, he has good stats, he can lead a team

    paul is young, has loads of potenial and had a phenomenal season

    i think one of them should be MVP

    kobe bryant shouldnt be on the list, he isnt a team player

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chris Paul is the mvp.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I think it should be Amare

    improved a lot after the all-star break.

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  • 1 decade ago






    6.)KOBE BRYANT........


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