Boyle's law help?

please show me the steps.

1.A 175 mL sample of neon had its pressure changed from 75kPa to 150kPa. What is its new volume?

2. A sample of hydrogen at 1.5atm had its pressure decreased to 0.50 atm producing a new volume of 750mL. What was its original volume?

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    1...This is Boyle's Law. At constant Temp.

    P increase = V decrease.

    P1 x V1 = P2 x V2.

    75kPa x 175mL = 150kPa x V2.

    New Volume (V2) = (75 x 175) / 150 = 87.5mL.

    (Doubling the pressure, halves the volume).

    2...Boyle's Law again.

    P1 x V1 = P2 x V2.

    1.5atm x V1 = 0.5atm x 750mL.

    Original Volume (V1) = (0.5 x 750) / 1.5 = 250mL.

    Decreasing pressure by 3 times, increases volume by 3 times.

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