What bottles are BPA free?

Currently I have Playtex vent-air bottles, NUK bottle, and First years breast flow bottle, and avent bottles. I am wondering are these bottles safe or should I get rid of them.

Also what do the numbers on the bottom of the plastic containers actually mean? I see some with 1 and my daughters sippy cups which are playtex insulators have a 5 on the bottom and the gerber baby food plastic containers have 7 on them. Does the number on the bottom mean anything if so what?

Thanks in advanced!!

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    BPA Free Bottle Products

    Adiri Natural Nursers

    Avent “Via” disposable bottles

    BornFree: All bottles and cups BPA free *see note

    EvenFlo: Glass bottles, Classic Tinted Polypropylene bottles

    Playtex: Original Nurser,Opaque Soft Bottle (discontinued), Playtex Drop in liners

    Gerber: Gerber Clearview, Fashion Tints (also called “Plastic Pastels”), Gerber GentleFlow

    Medela: All bottles

    Sassy MAM bottles (UltiVent), Baby Food Nurser Kit

    Green to Grow Bottles **see note

    Sassy Baby Food Nurser Kit

    ThinkBaby Bottles

    Momo Glass Bottles

    Munchkin: Dora the Explorer Classic Bottles

    Nuby: Standard Neck Non-Drip Bottle, Wide-Neck Non-Drip Bottle, Wide-Neck Bottle with Handles and Non-Drip Nipple, Standard Neck Bottle with Handles and Non-Drip Nipple, 3-Stage Wide Neck Easy Grip Feeding System with Non-Drip Nipple.

    Nuture Pure Glass bottles

    Babisil Silbottles

    Weego Glass Bottles

    Siliskin Glass Bottles

    Dr Brown’s: Glass Bottles (all vent system pieces BPA Free), Dr. Browns Polypropylene bottles (due in store’s April 15th)

    Parent’s Choice Bottles (available at Walmart) - box is marked BPA Free

    BPA Free Sippy Cups

    Avent Magic Cups, Super Sport Cups

    Playtex: Coolster Tumbler, Insulator, Einstein Sip & Discover Training Cup, Sipster, Create My Own, Quick Straw, Insulator Sport, Sip and Discover, First Sipster, Einstein Sip & Discover Insulated Straw Cup

    Gerber: Sip & Smile Spill-proof Cup, Easy Grip Insulated Soft Straw Cup, Insulated Cool Cup, Fun Grips Color Change Spill-proof Cup, Grins & Giggles Spill-proof Cup (source)

    BornFree sippy/drinking cups

    Kleen Kanteen

    Thermos Foogo Sippy Cups, and drinking bottle with straw

    SIGG Toddler Water Bottles

    Kid Basix The Safe Sippy

    Boon Sippy

    GrowPure Multi-Stage Feeder and Sippy Cup

    iPlay Aqua Bottle

    ThinkBaby Training Cup

    Sassy Snack Time Infa-Trainer Cup

    Munchkin: Cupsicle, Cupsicle Straw Cup, Big Kid Sippy Cup, Mighty Grip Flip Straw Cup, Mighty Grip Trainer Cup, licensed character Sports Bottles, Re-usable Straw Cups, Re-usable Spill-proof Cups

    Nuby: No-Spill Sports Sipper, Insulated Soft Silicone Spout Cup, Soft Spout Easy Grip Cup, Gripper Cup with Soft Silicone Spout, 2-Handle Cup, Tinted Mega Sipper, 7oz Tumblers

    The First Years: Take & Toss, Spill-proof Cup, Insulated Cup, Licensed character sippy cups, Insulated Spill-proof Cup, 2 Handled Cups

    BPA Free Milk/Liquid Storage

    Avent Via 8-oz. Nurser Kit

    Avent Snack Cup / Formula Dispenser

    Mother’s Milkmate Storage bottles

    Medela Milk Storage bottles and breastpump accessories

    Playtex One-Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

    Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags

    Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bottles

    Gerber Breastmilk Storage Bags

    Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

    The First Years Easy Pour Breastmilk Storage bags

    Bailey Milk Storage Bags (Nurture lll pump tubing BPA Free as well)

    BPA Free Baby Food / Food Storage

    So Easy Fresh Baby Food Kit

    Baby Cubes baby food storage system

    Laptop Lunch System

    Munchkin: Snack Catcher, Baby Food Grinder, Fresh Food Feeder, Powdered Formula Dispensers

    Number at the bottom of containers:

    1,2,5 safer

    3,5,7 avoid

    Although I read on safemama.com that 7 just means that they combined some plastics and that they may or may not contain BPA. 7 is on Gerber containers....

    Source(s): www.safemama.com
  • 1 decade ago

    apparently #7 is the one that contains Bpa. All hard, clear plastic bottles have Bpa. Switch to the Playtex Nurser. It has drop in bags. The bags do not contain Bpa. Also born free bottles are safe, but they have a completely different nipple that my baby wont take. If you switch to the drop ins at least you can still use Playtex nipples.

  • 1 decade ago

    All of the bottles you have contain BPA. Here is a list of some BPA-free bottles:


    Also, I use Playtex drop ins and really like them. Generic liners are much cheaper and work just as well. The drop in system is so convenient! Maybe you should try it! Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here is a simple list of safe and unsafe bottles...



    These Gerber ones are BPA free, simple, cheap and do the trick! Thankfully I have been using them from the start!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sure you've got all the info you need, but thought I'd put my 'two cents' in. ; p

    Evenflo's glass and classic colored bottles and Wal-mart's Parent's Choice are BPA free.

    i'm sure you can look up the dangers of bpa online and it should give you a list.

  • 5 years ago


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