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overgrip question?

i bought a new overgrip for my racket a couple months ago, before i put the new overgrip on, i took off the old grip, was I supposed to do that? and if i wasn't what should i do now.

also, about a week ago i put on another overgrip on top of that one, so what is the right way to put grips on your racket?

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    Overgrips are made to go over a standard grip. If you take off the old grip and just have an overgrip on, the handle won't be very comfortable, and it's likely that the overgrip will slide. (I'm guessing that you put on the second overgrip to help with the comfort)

    If you wore out your old grip, you should replace it with a real replacement grip, not an overgrip. A real grip will have some adhesive on the back to keep it from sliding, and it will be much more padded than an overgrip. This link will take you to a page where you can select grips by brand. These will all be replacement grips.


    Overgrips are made to increase the size of the grip by half a size (1/16"). Basically, if your hand is too big for a 4 3/8 but too small for a 4 1/2, you would buy the racquet that has the 4 3/8 grip, and put an overgrip on. Then it should be the right size.

    And I would never suggest using two overgrips. If you buy a 4 3/8 and need a 4 1/2, you can take it to a racquet technician and have the size built up underneath the regular grip. This will keep the handle's feel and shape. It might sound more comfortable, but it's not good for your grip to be too cushy. the most you should have on a racquet is one normal grip and one overgrip.

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    I would say that you should have left the original grip on.

    Edit- I didn't read your question completely.

    Leave the original grip on, and take old overgrip off before you put new overgrip on.

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    You're supposed to leave the original, and put an overgrip over it. Then when the overgrip gets messed up take it off (keeping the original still on) and put another overgrip over it.

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    ok first thing first: racquet handle by manufacturer is wrapped with a "base-grip". this grip is sufficient for most player. if you think the grip is a bit small but you don't want to buy another racquet with 1/8" bigger grip size, then you can wrap an "over-grip" on top of the "base-grip".

    now back to your case. so you took off your old grip, i assume the base-grip. you should put the "replacement base-grip" first. after that you can put the "over-grip".

    hope this helps :)

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    You should not have taken off the original grip thats why they are named over grip they go over the original grip.When changing an over grip take off the current over grip then wrap the handle with the new one.

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