Travel advisory against Mexico for Canadian travelers?

Canadians, will you forego any plans to visit Mexico due to the guilty verdict for Brenda Martin, even though they admitted there were no evidence of guilt?

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    Mexico is not safe,I will go to Cuba instead.

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    Please show me where "they" admitted there was no evidence against her. I think if you read you will find that her lawyer made those claims, not anyone prosecuting her. I suspect that there is much more to this story than the Canadian press is reporting.

    Who gets fired from a job for cursing out your boss' mother and then gets a $26,000 pay out? Invests $10k in the venture and then gets it back before it goes south. I'm not sure what the evidence is against her but I do feel like the reporting is incomplete.

    I won't change my plans. Sorry.


    BTW, a Canadian flag is not the kiss of death in Mexico, that's just ridiculous.

    First off, flag or no flag any Mexican can spot you from miles away. You don't look the same, you don't sound the same, you don't dress the same, you don't act the same as Mexicans. Flag or no flag it's obvious to Mexicans that you are a tourist.

    Secondly, Mexico is very safe. Just look at the stats. Over 841,000 trips to Mexico by Canadians in 2006 (the last year that Stats Can has numbers for) and then look at the number of problems in a year, may be 50? Perhaps 5 to 10 of them serious. What do you think would happen if you sent 841,000 people to Toronto for a week with unlimited booze? I'm pretty sure you'd see a much higher number of arrests, deaths and injuries than you see in Mexico. Get some perspective. Relative to other countries Mexico is safe.

    It's so crazy how the Canadian Media portrays Mexico. I was watching CTV and they had a report about it. They mentioned the kid who died on the west coast (Acapulco or something) and then transition into the Ianiero murder with "meanwhile in nearby Playa del Carmen". Come on! the incedents where thousands of miles apart and months apart.

    What would you think of Canada if I took even one weekend night and said things like: In Halifax there was a brawl after a night club closed 5 people were arrested and 4 where hospitalized, then in Montreal 2 people were robbed at knife point, then in Toronto, there was a shooting, then in Calgary there was a hit and run, meanwhile in Edmonton, there was an arrest in a domestic abuse case all the while in Vancouver, a prostitute was beaten and killed.

    Now imagine if I removed the time constraint, as the Canadian Media does, and started to give example months and years apart. If you had the same kind of coverage without the background knowledge you would think that a trip to Canada would truly be "the kiss of death".

    Get a grip, get some perspective, don't fall for the sensationalism.

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    Whether there is an advisory people will still go, and some are dumb enough to get into trouble and do wrong or go to the bad areas, and like what has happened in the last 3 years with the murders, people being beaten, run over and left to die there is a bad element in all countrys, there is no safe country.

    If you stick to the areas that are safer, but with the recent issues a Canadian flag emblem now is almost a a kiss of death in Mexico, were we could go and be proud to say we were from Canada, it may be dangerous to do that now even in the touristy areas like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatland or Acapulco.

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    My husband and I just went to Mexico in January (Mayan Riviera) and had absolutely no problems at all.

    I was concerned about going to Mexico because of everything I'd heard, but we went anyway and had a fabulous time.

    As long as you abide by the law, don't do anything stupid and act respectfully (like you would in any foreign country), you will have no problems.

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