I have to do a 10 page paper...What company should I write on? (Read Info Inside)?

In Chapter 9 we will address the issue of managerial strategic planning, to include SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and Porter’s model of five strategic forces affecting industry competition.

The assignment for your project is to analyze environmental factors (internal and external) facing a business of your choice that is a publicly traded entity. Assume that you have been appointed by the CEO of the company to present to the board of directors an overview of the current state of the company, and to identify the three most important factors that will affect the firm in the next five years.

Choose a company or industry that interests you. The following are a list of potential factors you may choose to consider. The list is by no means all inclusive:

• competition

• energy

• government regulations

• international trade

• interest rates

• technology

• social changes

• supply of labor

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    Dell is a good example.

    so is yahoo ;)

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