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What are the side effects to having Gay sex?

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  • d.f. answered 7 years ago
There's a greater risk of contracting HIV than if you're having sex with a female. Also, if you're the catcher as opposed to the pitcher it might be uncomfortable. Uh, yeah... but coming out I suppose outweighs the "side effects". Liberating yourself from societal stigmas and being free to love whoever you want is one of the paths to true happiness.

Edit: Yes it's true, the chances of getting HIV from gay sex is greater than hetero sex. Also, the chances of condom breakage is slightly higher. Thanks for the thumbs down :S

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  • believeinyou24 answered 7 years ago
    No side effects. It's fun, it feels good and you feel relaxed and happy afterwards (unless you have stupid hang ups someone taught you). Nothing else. Oh -- no babies will ensue.

    Kind thoughts,


    Edit: Sigh, I should have just replied to someone like John to begin with.

    Bull to what he says. There is nothing wrong with gay sex. It isn't a sin, and the teaching that it is happens to be a function of fundamentalism primarily.


    The Right Reverend John Shelby Spong; Living in sin? a bishop rethinks the meaning of human sexuality; Harper Press
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  • CoolDude answered 7 years ago
    What is "gay sex?" You mean sex between two guys? Nothing that wouldn't be true of sex between a guy and a gal, except that guys don't get pregnant.
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  • Kimberly W answered 7 years ago
    I'm not a guy but I had anal once and it HURT like you wouldn't believe. Be prepared for alot of pain >.<

    And you have to have an enema everytime you do it unless you want to feces flying everywhere. I don't know about you but enemas aren't fun.
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  • science_teacher answered 7 years ago
    there is nothing wrong with that, besides, gay sex is great to prevent pregnancy, and its even practiced in the ancient times, its great and if you ****** the gay on the *** just make sure he had defecated 2 hours before you do the game or if you get ****** in the ***, you should do the same, its great i love doing it man, i hope we can do orgy on three of us.
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  • busman_octa answered 7 years ago
    gay sex is just having sex with another guy and no it wont do anything,unless you or the other guy has a std( sexualy transmited disease) then you could share it with each other


    health class from school
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  • kaz1_437 answered 7 years ago
    well i once read that if you have anal sex then the hole will get bigger and looser so later on in life the muscles will not be as tight as they should be and your shite will come out without you noticing
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  • JimR answered 7 years ago
    Smiles on two boys' faces.
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  • John answered 7 years ago
    Ridicule from friends. Being the "butt" of jokes. Plus you'll go to hell because it's a sin.
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  • What are the side effects to having Gay sex?
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