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Body Shop Supplement Request?

My insurance sent out an independent auto appraiser to appraise the damages. He came out and basically appraised the damages for higher than what was needed after the body shop did their own inspection.

My insurance has cut me a check for the amount that he appraised my damages for. The body shop has completed my car and now their not giving me their final invoice until their supplement request is approved. Granted, I need the final invoice so I can overnight the check to my lienholder to sign the check as well(They require the final invoice).

Alright, my question is .... If the cost of repairs are FAR less than the check and my deductible then why do they need to ask for a supplement request? Isn't a supplement request asking for more money?

This is an authorized dealer's body shop but I believe some sham is being commited. If your telling me the cost of repairs were cheaper than the original estimate then why ask for a supplement?


@ SpAiD_UCA,

So they should be in charge of the check? My insurance company mailed the check to me. It needed my signature and the lien holder's signature.

Should I take it to them and my deductible to get my car?

Should I be waiting to receive my car while they wait on my lien holder to sign the check?

Update 2:


Update 3:

Unforunately, they won't reimburse me the remainer and they won't include my deductible into it. I asked last week.

Car's been in the shop for almost a month and I'm growing restless as its my only car.

I'm going to run the option of dropping my deductible and the check off and letting me get my car, by them tomorrow.

Update 4:

Mine is 1000 so I can probably understand them on that bit.

I will definitely give them a call tomorrow about what you said. Sounds about right.

Thanks for your time and help.

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    The body shop should be in charge of sending out the check to the lein holder. They have to write their estimate closet to the insurance estimate in order for them to endorse the check. Now the supplment might have been for damages that the adjuster did not see after the bodyshop tore down the vehicle. Theres no scam, if in fact the body shop did it cheaper, they might reissure the check for a cheaper amount

    YOu can sign the check over to the body shop, the body shop will be incharge of sending it out to get their money. The supplement check might come out to you but the usually pay direct to the body shop.

    You can talk to the bodyshop about them keeping the entire check and you not having to pay your deductible. Also since you will give them the check, they should give you your car since the check will go the them, What state are you in?

    I work for a body shop in Texas, we usually help people with there deductible as long as its 500. We also give them money back as an incentive for bringing their vehicle in. Sorry that you took them to some sorry *** people. But yeah just hand them over the check so you can get your car.

    If its 1000 then just ask them for assistance, and maybe next time you can try to call different Bodyshops and ask them what can they offer you. It helps to ask. Have a good one.

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    This is easy; go the the collision repairer and ask them for a detailed list of supplemental items needed to repair your vehicle (they had to send one to the insurer). Most likely the shop (assuming they are reputable) is simply complying with the insurance company's guidelines for listing ALL collision related repair costs. Ultimately, YOU are the one that signs-off on the repairs so have a discussion with the repairer and clear this up BEFORE the repairs are complete.

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    Allstate Supplement Request Form

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