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1920-1939 who were some big celebrities of that time?

lots of names plez

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    Hmm mm -- Movies were all the rage and so here are several whose fame made their names known to all;;

    Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Douglass Fairbanlks Senior and Junior, Barabar Stanwyck, Irene Dunne, Mae West, Charles Chaplin, Richard Dix, Richard Bartlemess, gonna slip into cut and paste in my haste------

    The Talkies

    Clara Bow

    Mary Pickford

    Marion Davies

    Vilma Banky

    Jean Harlow

    Greta Garbo

    Carole Lombard

    Marlene Dietrich

    Loretta Young

    Barbara Stanwyck

    Fay Wray

    Bette Davis

    Joan Crawford

    Myrna Loy

    Claudette Colbert

    Maureen O'Sullivan

    Mae West

    Margaret Lindsay

    Joan Blondell

    Jeanette MacDonald

    Ann Sother

    Joan Bennett

    Anita Page

    Norma Shearer

    Una Merkel

    Eleanor Powell

    Sally Blane

    13,611 visitors

    Thelma Todd

    Mary Astor

    Constance Bennett

    Kay Francis

    Evalyn Knap

    Miriam Hopkins

    Madge Evans

    Marian Marsh

    Glenda Farrell

    Marie Wilson

    Virginia Bruce

    Ruth Chatterton""""""


    James Cagney

    Edward G Robinson

    Paul Muni

    Cary Grant

    Errol Flynn

    Ramon Navaro

    John Barrymore

    Lionel Barrymore

    their sister Ethel Barrymore

    WC Fields

    Non Hollywod Types

    Charles Lindberg (mispelled)


    Al Langdon

    Prince Edward of England

    J Edgar Hoover of the FBI

    Enough my fingers are falling off, Peace-------------.///\\\

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    josephine baker 1925, she opened in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

    Bela lugosi

    Clara Bow

    Charlie Chaplain

    Louise Brooks

    Mary Astor

    John Barrymore

    Pola Negri


    Victor Flemming

    Lupe Velez

    Douglas Fairbanks

    Lita Grey

    Howard Hughes

    Katherine Hepburn

    Humphrey Bogart

    Bette Davies

    Spencer Tracy

    Joan Crawford

    William Powell

    Carole Lombard

    Clark Gabel

    Loretta Young

    Ingrid Bergman

    Jean Harlow

    Bing Crosby

    Betty Grable

    Joan Bennett

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  • Anonymous
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    Clark Gable, Claudet Colbert, James stewart, Bing crosby, Fred Astier, Debby, Reynolds, Tyrone Power, Gene kelly, Shirley temple, Cary grant, Katharene Hepburn, Lesly Howard, Judy garland, Douglas Fairbanks,

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    Harry Houdini (escape artist/magician)

    Clara Bow (actress)

    George Gershwin (composer)

    Al Capone (mob boss)

    John Berrymore (actror)

    Janet Gaynor (actress)

    Emil Jennings (actor)

    F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald (writers)

    Langston Hughes (writer)

    Mickey Mouse (first Mickey film was released in 1928)


    Agatha Christie (writer)

    Amelia Earhart (aviator)

    Jesse Owens (athlete)

    Will Rogers (actor, radio commentator)

    Walter Winchell (gossip columnist)

    Bette Davis (actress)

    Greta Garbo (actress)

    Thornton Wilder (writer)

    Dr. Seuss (writer)

    Ernest Hemingway (writer)

    Duke Ellington (musician)

    Benny Goodman (musician)

    Cole Porter (musician)

    Irving Berlin (compser)

    Woody Gurthie (singer)

    Jack Benny (comedien)

    Albert Einstein (scientist)

    Clark Gable (actor)

    William Faulkner (writer)

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  • Ice
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    1 decade ago

    Rudolph Valentino - film star

    Babe Ruth - baseball

    Aimee Semple McPherson - evangelist

    Father Coughlin - radio preacher

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  • 1 decade ago

    F. Scott Fitzgerald - a very famous writer of that time. He used to go to a lot of parties with his wife. He was a big celebrity.

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