The big three?

I know who they were, but what's something that you can add to help me familiarize them??

Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill.


Thank you for your help! That's enough for me to at least understand their powers better!

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    Well, the Big Three were the leaders of the Allied Powers in WWII and due to their victory of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan their three countries became more or less the first 'superpowers' of the modern era. The Big Three, especially Josef Stalin (leader of the Soviet Union) and Franklin Roosevelt (President of the United States), were able through the sheer strength of their military as well as the deteoriaration of the former great powers (Britain, France, Germany, Japan, etc) to decide the course of history after the WWII. Specifically, Stalin was able to turn the entirety of Eastern Europe and part of Germany into Soviet satellites and the United States was able to set up military alliances and economic deals that placed most of the rest of the world under their influence.

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