Landlord says he wants to give "perpetual" 24 hour notice to show the house. Can he?

I live in Missouri and my lease is up at the end of June. Today, my landlord informed me that he is going to try to sell the house and starting May 1st, he's giving me "perpetual 24 hour notice" that people can be shown the house at any time.

So basically, instead of 24-hour notice for each showing, he's leaving this open-ended and saying it could happen at any point in time until the lease is up, with no further notice required.

1) Can he even do that? Or does he have to give 24-hour notice each time?

2) If he CAN give "perpetual" notice, can I stipulate that he can only do that during weekdays and not on the weekends? Or am I just stuck with people being able to traipse through my house any time they want?


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    I'm not sure what the rental laws are in Missouri, but this seems a little not quite right in my mind.

    While it is his house and he does own it, you do have rights as a legal tenant of that home. I would do some research, but based on my own past experiences with renting homes from other people I dont think the owner would be right in doing this. It's understandable that he may was a fast turn around on the home, but it's (in my mind) more than a little disrespectful to just show up without any sort of notice. The idea behind the 24hour notice is to allow you to first and foremost have privacy and allow you the opportunity to clean up if you need to or just the peace of mind of knowing when the owner is going to show up to show the house.

    It's an oxymoron to combine "perpetual" and "24hours notice", it defeats the purpose of creating the need to give the tenants notice in the first place. I seriously doubt it would be a law if the owner could show up whenever they wanted for the next 2 months. You may want to talk to the owner and say something to the effect of "While I understand you want/need to show the house I would greatly appreciate some sort of notice before you show up. Purely because we do "live" in the house and there are times that would be not good for us, like 3am or in the middle of our dinner, etc".

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    He can't do this. You are paying him rent to live in the house and you have certain rights. (Check your landlord/tenant laws in Missouri.) Those rights don't go away just because he wants to sell the house.

    You should allow viewings when it is convenient for you and not otherwise. He still has to give the same notice EACH TIME as he does for other entry, except in case of emergency which this is not.

    But do find out the law and get the number of the exact code that pertains to this and tell him. If he's not such a nice guy (and he does sound unreasonable) then send him a letter telling him he has to give you reasonable notice each time under statute number X of the Missouri State Code.

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    I'm not sure of the law, but I would tell him if he wants to show it you demand notice - your personal belongings are in there! Also tell him you can't be expected to keep the house "show ready" with out notice. Personally I would have a problem with people coming in to my property while I was still in the lease.

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    It is illegal to give perpetual 24 hour notice, but you have to give your credit for being so creative in trying to defy the law and trying to pull a fast one on you.

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    He can only give perpetual notice if you agree.

    If you don't agree, he has to give you 24 hour notice each time the property is shown.

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