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How can I design websites in the correct screen resolution?

Ive been making websites for some time now but they always look different on other peoples computers. My computer screen is pretty wide and I dont think its a normal size. How do I make a website that displays correctly for majority of people?

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    It depends on what is previewing differently. If it is your alignment, you may want to utilize HTML tables.To make your websites more viewer friendly for all screen sizes, use HTML tables. When you use HTML tables to display your content, you are giving your viewers the option of previewing your websites in an absolute formation (meaning: the content will hold it's position, regardless of screen size).

    If your websites are missing certain attributes such as images and/or colors used in your websites are displaying differently on other computers, more than likely your websites are not cross browser friendly. You will need to use cross browser code in your HTML/XHTML documents such as CSS or you can use JavaScript to direct your viewing audience to a certain version of the website/webpage formatted for their browser type.

    I am a freelance web designer. If you'd like more help regarding this issue. please contact me. Hope this information was helpful.

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    The trick is to use a liquid layout while designing web pages instead of hard coding the screen resolution. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will allow you to do exactly this but you might have to put in some effort first to learn CSS. I have provided a link to a CSS tutorial below. Hope this helps.

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    you can use tables, like make the site inside a table give it 750px or div at 100 %

    you can google for "fix webpage or site to screen resolution"

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