what is the difference between tire rotation and alignment?

and Why do we need this?

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    Tire Rotation is when you take the front tires and put them on the back and put the back tires on the front.

    We do this in different patterns so each wheel gets a chance to be used on each corner of the car.

    Tire rotations should be done every 6000 miles.

    Tire Rotations are done so that there is even wear on your tires and they will last longer and give better traction.


    Wheel Alighnment is when you go over a big bump and mess the steering. When you mess the steering, you make the steering wheel straight in the middle, but the car drives to the right or left.

    To fix this, you need Wheel Alignment so that the steering wheel is more accurate.

    This will happen a lot. Many people ignore it because it is very easy to hit a big bump or pothole and mess it up again.

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    Tire Rotation And Alignment

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    Tire rotations should be done at least every other oil change. This is where your rear tires are switched with your front tires in an X pattern to ensure even wear on them so one set of tires does not wear out too fast. A tire alignment is normally repair maintenance done when you feel your car pulling to one side or the other. This causes increased wear and tear on your tires and causes them to go bald faster.

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    what is the difference between tire rotation and alignment?

    and Why do we need this?

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    Rotation changes were the tires position on the car so they wear evenly. Alignment deals with camber caster and toe, alignments affect how the tires wear and how the vehicle tracks.

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    rotating the tires is where they move your front tires to the rear and vice versa. this extends tire life and ensures even wear on your tires. an allignment is where they hook your car to a machine and they measure angles of your tires-called camber, castor and toe. if you car is pulling to the right or left it usually means you need an allignment. you car will naturally pull to left or right due to grade of road. if you have never had an allignment done to your car, i would have one done. you car can go out of allignment by hitting curbs.

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