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Why does it always come down to no offense for the Dodgers?

I'm a longtime Dodger fan, but year after year it's the same story. Good pitching but no offense. Personally, I'd like to see the Dodgers go a different route and start focusing more on getting quality hitters rather than great pitching. Something has to change because what they are doing now just isn't getting the job done.

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    1) Dodger culture. Teams have unique cultures, and the Dodgers for many decades have always been a pitcher dominated one. You can go back to Koufax Drysdale, then Sutton, Fernando, Hershiser, etc. It is part of who they are.

    2) The biggest reason is they play in a VERY pitcher friendly park. Dodger stadium is a tough place to hit, so Dodger offensive stats will always be lower while their pitching stats better. Same with San Diego or the STros when in the dome.

    3) They have very poor scouting of offensive talent. Doesn't take a genious to know Andruw can't hit a breaking ball. All you had to do is watch a week of Braves games last year.

    Absolutely no reason to sign Pierre.

    They just don't do a good job anymore of evaluating offensive talent. They do better with pitchers, such as Lowe and Penny.

    Again, a lot of that is ballpark though.

    The Dodgers do need to improve their offense. It used to be that pitching won titles, but if you look at recent history, its the teams with a few top starters, a solid bullpen, and a monster lineup that win.

    The game has changed a bit, and the Dodgers need to play a bit of catch-up. You can still make the postseason with all pitch, no-hit, as the Padres demonstrate, but hard to win a title without the big bats.

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    Same issue the Reds have this year, you were the recipient of a ton of runs the game before! We are destined to be the home of the one-game winning streak, we can't put more than two wins in a row together which keeps us next to last in the division. I feel your pain bro, believe me!! Jeff Kent is still a stud though aside from the Garciaparra and Jones trashtalking!!

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    when you have a big hole in the lineup known as andruw jones, you are not going to be that great at scoring. so many runners get left on base when he doesn't get a hit. and he is one of the dodgers primary power guys and he is not performing. until he starts hitting or someone can replace his spot in the lineup with quality at bats, they are going to struggle scoring runs.

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    Because the morons who run your team sign players like Nomar and Andruw Jones. The Dodgers have been spending money on position players, they just haven't been spending it wisely.

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  • They spend way too much money on players on the downside of their career.

    For example....Andruw Jones!

    He didn't hit at all last year and he is hasn't done so to this point this year.

    They need to get rid of Nomar and Kent and go with the youngsters. these are OLD men who are constantly hurt.

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    They need to wake up because they just got beat by the reds.(9-1)

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    Because offense wins a ballgame.

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    I am a Reds fan and was glad to see them beat.

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