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Jeder Jude ist eine umherlaufende Reklame fuer den naechsten Holocaust!?

Did Harry S. Truman really say this?

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    I don't believe that Truman actually made that comment. He had Jewish neighbor for two years, the Viners lived next door to the Trumans and young Harry not only played with Abe Viner but was their “shabbos goy”.

    What is well known is that during World war I, Private Eddie Jacobson clerked for Lieutenant Harry Truman . As Harry wrote to his future wife Bess, he had “a Jew clerk” running his canteen and he was a “crackerjack.” After the war, the two men pooled their vast winnings in poker and opened a clothing store in Independence, Missouri. The store went bankrupt but Harry and Eddie remained life long friends. Eddie was the one person who could walk into Truman’s office whenever he wanted, usually to share a drink and talk about the old days.

    n the years after the Holocaust, many American Jews realized that they should have done more to save the Jews of Europe. They determined not to make the same mistake again and agitated for admission of the survivors to the Land of Israel, then called Palestine. In July, 1946 Reform Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver “pounded on Truman’s desk and bellowed at him.” That same month, two senators from New York and a pro-zionist diplomat James McDonald warned the President not to abandon the Jews. All of this pressure had the opposite effect. Truman erupted, “You cannot satisfy the Jews anyway….They are not interested in the United States.”

    The pressure that Truman felt about the recognition of Israel as an independent state. The State department fought the Zionists with all their might. In January, 1948 Henderson and the State Department thought that they had convinced Truman that a Jewish State could never survive an Arab onslaught and Palestine should be a trusteeship, not a two-state solution.

    Truman refused to see any Jewish Zionist leaders for a period of time, but eventually gave in to the pleas of his Jewish friend, Eddie Jacobson, and agreed to see Dr. Weizmann

    Eleven minutes after its proclamation, Truman spoke from the White House and recognized Israel. At that very moment at the United Nations, the US Ambassador was proposing trusteeship and opposing statehood — when he got a note that Truman had gone over the heads of the entire government and recognized the Jewish State on May 18, 1948.


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