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如keep cleaning=保持清潔。


-Creole错的模式估計和chinglish一樣, 都係受自己mother tongue的思考模式影響



二是for fun,如addoil=加油/black face=黑面


請不要只copy creole和chinglish的解釋給我, 我想要見解和分析, 謝謝=D

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    No, I don't think so. I don't think Chinglish is Creole.

    Creole is referred to locally-born people with foreign ancestry due to whatever reason. It's a matter of geographic change or barrier to the people who just brought up with different cultures than their ancestors. They may have different thinkings, languages or spirits. Those people will complement those features and see which one can be dominant to others.

    Chinglish is a mismatch of grammatical and logical thinking. The presentation of local stereotype in foreign language. The twist of thinking will affect the actual meaning for the communication and widen the gap of misunderstanding in return.

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    Creole in a sense is a kind of dialect, originated from French, used by French living in southern part of USA. In this case I would refer it as a local dialect instead of a modification of language due to change in environment and culture.

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