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    Sales volume forecast

    We expect a daily 200 calls, with a successful rate of meeting a client in every 100 call.

    Of course, the successful rate depends on the skills of our sales.

    After sales service can maintain a long-term relationship with our clients more easily.

    We have set the number of printing to facilitate the future calculation of expenditure.

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    Sales volume forecast We expect a daily 200 calls. Every 100 call can be successful about Jian Yiren. Of course, success depends on the number of sales skills. Service companies and the guests can easily maintain long-term relationship. We set the number of printing, facilitate future calculation of expenditure.

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    The sales quantity forecast

    we estimated may make 200 phone call everyday.

    Every 100 telephones can succeed make an appointment with a person.

    The certainly successful quantity is decided by shop employee's skill.

    The post-sale service may is easy make the company and the visitor to maintain the long-time relations.

    We establish the print quantity, will facilitate calculates the expenditure in the


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