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題目:Chirsmas Party.以英文作答!

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    Chirstmas Party

    People celebrate Christmas on 25 December. They like holding a Christmas party on that day. I have Christmas party with my family every year.

    Last year, we held a Christmas Party on a boat. My uncle, Ben is a manager of the bank so he can rent the boat from his company. On that day, we prepared a lot of food and drinks such as chicken wings, sausages, sandwiches, fruit salad, fish balls, fried chips and coke. We bought them from the supermarket that morning. And then, we met at the pier in Central.

    The weather was sunny so I brought the swimsuit and wanted to go swiming in the sea. When we got on the boat, we were both excited.While my mother and aunt May were cooking the food, I was singing karoke with my cousin Tom and Janice. Besides, my father and uncle were decorating the boat with some balloons and colourful strips.

    After we sang the songs, we changed the swimsuits and jumped into the sea. It was so cool and we felt comfortable. We were so tired and hungry when we got back on the boat. After we took a shower, we had meal altogether. My uncle played some music and my mother and father were dancing. They were so relaxed. And then, my aunt played the lucky draw with us. I had a MP3 player for my christmas gift. I was so lucky and excited.

    At last, we went back home late and we both had a wonderful experience on that Christmas day. I want to have a Christmas party on the boat again.

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