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    Believed everybody has many understandings to the global warm

    phenomenon, I in looked at third "does not hope after the truth" the

    movie, also had the new view to have to share.

    In "does not hope facing truth" in a piece, can see some shocking

    pictures. African first peak 吉力 horse note Loshan and global first

    peak happy Ma Laya the mountain glacier all is melting by the

    astonishing speed. Gore also lets everybody see the American glacier

    country park present the glacier be not muches left. These pictures

    create the impact also is needs doubt.

    Gore has also published a more astonishing data. The hottest ten years

    all occur including the history in the recent 14 years, moreover the

    sea temperature rapidly rises, forms the more might bigger tropical

    storm and the hurricane ﹔ Rains the pattern change also to cause the

    flood and the drought situation is increasingly serious ﹔ But the

    warm temperature creates global communicable disease eruption and so on.

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    But the most major problem is the misunderstanding, but the biggest

    misunderstanding is calculated the Earth had the big trouble, our also

    1. means also do not have, everybody is not willing to bravely step

    forward to save the oneself only homeland.

    2008-04-24 18:07:42 補充:

    Gore finally pointed out

    the humanity once achieved many not impossible duties, like patching

    ozone layer crack and so on. He believed so long as the government and

    the people have the determination, also can relieve the global warm


    2008-04-24 18:07:51 補充:

    But the humanity all must unite wholeheartedly, tries to

    relieve this question. The people may exert pressure to the

    government, Gore's also believed this environmental protection

    movement already started to operate.

    2008-04-24 18:07:58 補充:

    But "does not hope facing the

    truth" a piece of center staff also hoped this documentary film can

    夠 cause an irresistible environmental protection upsurge.

    2008-04-24 18:08:30 補充:

    In this world not the impossible matter, not to have calculated has,

    I also can with every effort going to complete it." --- In this world

    not not impossible matter.

    2008-04-24 18:08:33 補充:

    Has very many incidents, all is humanity

    draws out. When you meet a not impossible duty, you treated as are

    ascend the sky discipline for you, more frustrated bravely, completed


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