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英文翻譯 有誰能翻出來?

以下這幾段 請大大幫忙…謝謝哦

baseline CSA images of the left and right multifidus muscles were captured and measured to establish baseline comparability and examine for evidence of significant side-to-side asymmetry

because we did expect side-to-side differences in the ability to recruit the multifidus muscle in subjects who were healthy.

Isometric recruitment of the multifidus muscle was determined by the presence or absence of tissue movement (muscle thickening)of the multifidus muscle

subjects in both groups were given primarily knowledge of results to avoid overwhelming them with extraneous information

this dichotomous outcome also was chosen to allow subjects to develop their own problem solving during the motor task and to provide a more realistic form of feedback that could be repicated in a busy clinic

The predetermined schedules were designed to provide 4 variable intervals of summary feedback during each trial of 12 repetitions, with a minimum of 1 repetition and a maximum of 3 repetitions between the feedback intervals. The variable feedback schedule was randomized between subjects and sessions a priori to help control for an order effect

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    左右multifidus 肌肉的基礎線CSA 圖像被奪取和被測量建立基礎線可比性和審查為重大邊對邊非對稱的證據

    因為我們期待了在能力上的邊對邊區別吸收multifidus 肌肉在是健康的主題。

    multifidus 肌肉的等量補充由出現或缺乏組織運動確定了(肌肉thickening)of multifidus 肌肉


    這個二分結果並且被選擇允許主題開發他們自己解決問題在馬達任務期間並且提供能是反饋的一個更加現實的形式repicated 在一個繁忙的診所

    被預先決定的日程表被設計提供4 易變的間隔時間概略反饋在12 重複期間各次試驗, 以1 重複極小值和3 重複最大值在反饋間隔時間之間。易變的反饋日程表被隨機化在主題和會議之間演繹幫助控制為命令作用

    Source(s): 亂猜的= ㄦ=
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