Why is Lois in the superman cartoon series (all of them) a reporter when in the tv show shes not the reporter?

Why is lois lane in the superman cartoon series (all of them) a reporter when in the tv show(smallville) shes not the reporter her friend is?

(i know the cartoon is right) ,

But Why Did They Change this in smallville?

thank you in advance


does cloe die? because that would tie in with the comic and cartoon.

If u can answers both questions much appriecated(...)

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    Lois is a reporter in Smallville,and so was Chloe,but last week she got fired for hiding that key from Lex. Chloe is actually not an original superman character,however if you remember Pete,he really is. Chloe,I'm guessing will either leave with Lana,because neither of them have nothing to do with the original storyline of Superman,even though Lana is an original character,just not really mentioned,and according to Superman 3, Lana(who actually plays Clark's mother on Smallville) is alive and marries another guy and has a kid with him but whoever she married died. My second guess on Chloe is that she is going to use her powers to heal someone, and not wake up. So I think they may kill her off. I heard that they may only make 1 more season of Smallville which saddens me. Hopefully they will make more.

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    In Smallville, she IS a reporter. Both she and Chloe work for the Daily Planet remember? Lois just started as a reporter a little later though. lol.

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    Tryin to keep up with the times I suppose.

    But yeah, they didn't have to do that.

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    You should read my Anime/Manga questions answers so far!!!

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