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Sports: Public and Private schools competing?

Do you think it's fair for private schools to compete for district and state titles against public schools? I say helllll no. Private schools recruit coming and going and public schools are forbidden to do so. I think it is extremely unfair. Also, who is it that decides on rather they should or should not compete for the same titles?


No JlK.. my kids team just won district for the second year in a row and is a front runner to win state. My point is that if private schools are allowed to recruit, then they should stick to playing other private schools only. Sounds to me like you're the one who needs to relax....

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    This gets brought up in every state in every sport. While I have seen some serious issues related to recruiting, are you sure the private schools in your area really are recruiting? We looked up the histories on some kids in a private school while I was coaching in Oregon last year, and in the process learned a whole bunch about a classy group of kids and parents. Their kids had won the 2006 - 2007 state title last year, and were dominant again this year. As it turns out, most of the kids on the roster (9 of 12) went to elementary and middle school in the same school system they were still playing in. Of the 3 that transferred in, only one ( a senior) had played varsity anywhere else, and he was a bench player at the old and new schools.

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    Without reading other answers I have no problem if it is in a state that does not have enough private schools to make a separate division (West Virginia just tried to put private schools against AAA schools in state tourney but it did not pass the SSAC).

    Remember, recruiting can happen but you are still dealing with teenagers who may or may not be ready to play form day to day.

    Source(s): former HS umpire
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    Let me guess: Your kid's baseball team just got crushed by some private school team, so now you're going to write your Congressman about it?


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    It relies upon on the guidelines of the interscholastic activities business enterprise of your state. they could in Washington, yet purely for the college in whose service section they stay, i.e., they could't only %. a school because of the fact it has stable activities communities.

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  • its just middle and high schools. they play for fun. it doesnt really matter. besides the parents pay money for their kid to attend, they should be able to enjoy stuff like that

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    no way thats totally wrong and unfair

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