Pimple solutions?

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what is the best way to get rid of a massive pimple that has not surfaced
Update : i really don't need an acne skin care solution or anything, i'm ...show more
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I used to have the same problem! They are the cystic ones. Trust me, the only thing you can really do is wait it out. Don't try and pop it yourself, because it will just get worse and worse (and it will hurt and be red), and often if it's popped then it can lead to scarring. Just keep using your regular routine, and try putting some benzoyl peroxide or whatever on-the-spot pimple remover you have.

Oh, and DON'T use toothpaste! I tried it, and while it got out some of the stuff, it ripped open my skin a little so I had a scab instead.

Oh, and you can also try icing it, which I found helpful, as it seems to bring down any sort of swelling.

Sorry this is a little gross to talk about, but yeah. Anyways, good luck!

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thanks, seems like something that would really work for those once in awhile undergrounders that just suck so bad:)
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  • poison_ivy answered 6 years ago
    use clearisal face wash. also go and visit a dermatologist.
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  • xsoulreaper answered 6 years ago
    when this happens to me, and it happens a lot -_-,
    i always put a huge glob of toothpaste on it overnight.
    make sure it is a whitening paste, not the gel kind.
    use this method for two nights, NOT THREE.
    using it for three nights, will cause the pimple to leave a scar.
    believe me, i have battle scars from it.
    it should be gone in two-three days. (:


    experience. i always have these problems -_-
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  • Shintetsu answered 6 years ago
    Buy AcneFree!
    its a real good acne treatment because of the benzoyl peroxide and it has 3 steps to it!
    1: clears your face
    2: evens skin tone
    3: digs into pores to clean your face

    and the mini pre bottle thing is to be used before all 3 steps.. like to add extra effect to clear your face..
    this helped me right away!!
    I used Proactive and other stuff...mm didnt work
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  • sawahzakaay answered 6 years ago
    ok so i know this might sound strange...

    but if you put ice on the pimple before it pops up, then its like supposed to stop it

    i tried it and it workededed =]

    i read it somewhere and i thought that it might work and it did



    =] =] =] =]

    hope this helps lol
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  • tacoman answered 6 years ago
    i know this girl who had pimple problems and she said to just wash your face a lot with soap and water, all this cover uo crap makes it look better but doesent heal it. then this nature lady said to mix asprin and leamon juice and crush it together and put it on ur zits. then go to sleep and wash it off in the morning. i did it and it kinda hurt (leamon) but in the morning i was pimple free. thank god cuz i had a date the next day and my pimple was HUGE! i hope it works for you.
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  • guen_moon answered 6 years ago
    I had a friend that put toothpaste on her pimples and left it overnight.
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  • ilovemycat101 answered 6 years ago
    get some concealer and proactive
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