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My pet rat ate rat poison.....?

In desperation (after my pet rats have been repeatedly injured and a 5 killed by a huge feral rat) I put down 2 blocks of rat bait after all other attempts with humane traps failed to catch it.

Last night for the very first time my lovely girl rat escaped and is now hiding in a hole under a sink (impossible to get at). And I have noticed several large gnaw marks from the rat poison block.

I cannot catch her - I have tired tempting her with food - put her cage mate on the ground near the hole - put the open cage next to the hole with her favourite foods..nothing is working.

I am quite willing to get her to the vet and dont want her to die in pain.

The rat poison is a super warfarin one where they only need to eat it once to die.

Poor little girl - I feel so stupid and guilty,

An ideas of what I can do?

and dont be nasty to me about it or about rats!


there is treatment for her but I cant get her.

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    I'm so sorry. :( Have you called a vet? Maybe there is an antidote. How awful I feel for you.

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    Rat poison is designed to kill wild rats, so your rat doesn't have much chance unless you get it to a vet. I understand that is not possible until the morning, so make sure it has plenty of fresh water, drink drink drink, and keep an eye on it all night. Rats in the wild which eat poison will find somewhere quiet to die. It's harsh I know, but a vet is the best person. Can you not even ring the emergency vet? They may be able to help you, without you having to take the rat to the vets.

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    First things first, your pet rat may not of eaten the poison and some other ferel creature did. Being stuck in that hole, your rat will be terrified and probably afraid to move from its little hiding hole. But rats are intelligent creatures and will not starve to death in that little hole, eventually, she will venture out. What I have done in the past when my mice have done a bunk is placing a cardboard box with a little hole in it on the floor with plenty of bedding, food and dish of water. Every night i would sneak up on the box and cover the hole quickly before it even knew i was there. For the first few nights you will probably only catch an empty box, but with time, you'll get her :)

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    This is not a situation where you can wait for hunger to coax your rat out of its hiding place. The rat poison will kill her, and quickly, if you don't get her out and to a vet. If you're serious about saving her, you're going to need to take your sink apart. I have no idea how your sink is set up, so I can't help you with that, but short of a miracle, your pet is going to die unless you get proactive. You could try calling a plumber to help you take things apart, but that, and the trip to the vet, is going to be extremely expensive, and I'm not even sure the vet will be able to save your rat by that point. It comes down to how much money you're willing to spend on your pet rat and have it all potentially be in vain.

    Best of luck. I'll be hoping for a miracle.

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    Feed her Activated Charcoal use half a capsule mixed in something to mask the taste.

    I'm sorry I don't know any stores that would carry it seeing as I bought it from a small family owned store. You can try on-line. Also give your rat A LOT of water and leafy green vegetables and fruit to make them use the bathroom a little more frequently to maybe help flush it out.

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    Thats bad, try calling the local vet poison clinic ASAP!

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    If you call animal control, they can get your rat out safely and you can ask them about the rat poison.

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    call the vet so thay can get it then if it hazz eatin some then maby thers a antadot

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    i feel soooo sorry for you and hope that you find your pet.

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    Oh, man, if you can't find her, she's a goner!

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