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I just failed my glucose test. Aaaargh!?

I am 27 weeks, and had my glucose test yesterday. My results came back high - they say average is 7.5 and my result was a 9. This doesn't seem overly high to me... I wonder if I should be worried or if they are just being overly cautious because I am pregnant? I am not obese, I walk for an hour a day, and my diet is okay - not great, not bad - I get all my fruits and veg and protein and take a prenatal vitamin, but I also indulge my sweet cravings two or three times a week when I get them. Should I be worried? I have to go back for more testing tomorrow... does anyone know what the second round of testing entails?

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    i failed my 1 hour glucose test by eight points they used a different ranking system than your doctor.... i had to go back to the doctor the next day after fasting *not eating after midnight* * once i got to the lab they took blood and found my base level.. then i was given a bottle of orange sugary drink and told to drink it in 5 minutes like with the first test. they will take blood once an hour for three hours after your drink the fluid stuff.

    i will warn you before hand some women the drink will make you dizzy, sick to your stomach, and possibly give you a head ache. some people get sick after drinking the stuff but if you do which i really hope you dont you will have to come back another day and take the test again..

    i haven't gotten my results back yet.... but from what i've read on gestational diabeties which is what you have if you fail the 3 hours test they will have you change your diet and check your sugar regulary if your sugar goes above 140 so many times then they will consider insulin... i hope everything goes good for you good luck

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    I failed with my son. The retest is a three hour version of the original. I've found that being generally healthy doesn't seem to have anything to do with wether or not you get gestational diabetes. I'm overweight, and while I eat much healthier when pregnant than when not, I'm still not great about my eating habits, and I passed the 2nd test without a problem. My best friend has always been very thin, she worked out throughout her entire pregnancy, and she ended up with gestational diabetes. She was really pissed off about that as we were pregnant at the same time.

    I'm hoping for a better score with this pregnancy so I don't have to do the three hour one.

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    The 2nd test is to see how your body uses glucose over a longer period of time. You drink more glucose and they draw blood before you drink it and then cvery hour over 3 hours. If 2 out of the 4 readings are elevated, you have GDM.

    You can fail this test and still manage normal blood sugars by diet and exercise. It does not mean you will have to use insulin. If you fail, speaking with a dietician would be helpful.

    Source(s): childbirth educator OB/GYN and postpartum nurse
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    Don't worry, chances are you can still past your 2nd test. I failed both tests though. I think the 2nd test is used to determine whether or not you'll need insulin. I barely failed one of the 3 blood tests on that day. I was told I passed the 1hr and 3hr test but failed the 2hr test. (Your blood is drawn once every hour on the 2nd glucose test) Because I failed the 2hr blood test, I had to limit the amount of carbs I ate per meal. I guess if you totally fail the 2nd test, you might have to be put on insulin.

    Good Luck! I hope you pass!

  • 1 decade ago

    Gestational diabetes is a temporary form (in most cases) of diabetes in which the body does not produce adequate amounts of insulin to deal with sugar during pregnancy. It may also be called glucose intolerance or carbohydrate intolerance.

    The biggest part of treating gestational diabetes is controlling your blood sugar levels. There are things you and your doctor can do in order to control your levels and keep them at a safe and normal amount:

    * Close monitoring of you and your baby

    * Self monitoring of blood glucose levels

    * Insulin therapy, if necessary

    * Diet and exercise management

    * It has been reported that women who develop gestational diabetes have a greater chance of developing overt (Type II) diabetes later in life.

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    i failed the first test because they didnt tell me not to eat. the second test was 3 hrs, everything came back fine. it could have been high from something you ate the night before, and then adding that funky sugary drink didnt help.

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    I failed too, doesn't mean you have diabetes, you have to take the second test to find out. I worried, and I ended up not having it!

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    the second round is just like the first, just alot longer. like 3 or 4 hours.

  • 1 decade ago

    I was one point over..and they retested me...(THE LONGER...More needles...Test) and that came back normal...They are being very cautious...because Diabetes in pregnancy is very dangerous if not taken care of.

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