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How do you do whisper in the wind, REAL spear, REAL sweet chin music, unlock wrestlemania & summerslam ring?

i mean how do you go to the corner and wait until your opponent gets up for a spear or sweet chin music?

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    i believe you're talking about the video game, SD vs RAW 2008?

    whisper in the wind: when your opponent is in the turnbuckle, walk up to them and press your finisher button

    spear & sweet chin music: when your opponent is lying on the mat face up AND in the middle of the ring, stand by their head and press your finisher button (note: you do NOT stand in the corner and press the button)

    unlock wrestlemania: get 12 hall of fame points

    unlock summerslam: get 11 hall of fame points

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    I'm guessing you're talking about the SMACKDOWN! series, so hear you go. for spear and SCM press LB or L1 depending on the system when your opponent is down and head is sorta up or the person is out cold. for whisper in the wind it is a corner grapple.

    EDIT- forgot, play in the arena in season mode.

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    What R U Talking About?

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