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Why dont we fire Brian Cashman?

Honestly this guy has ruined the yankees pitching rotation. This pitching problem isnt new news. We have have had this problem since 2005. they say that the johan deal was far too expensice what about givin a 36 yeard old catcher a 4 year deal thats a liitle expensive and stupid i would say or even keepin giambi at first i would rather have kept menkavech(cant spell his name) his glove was amazing his bat wasnt great but neither is Giambi and he's an awful defensive first basemen but nooo we must keep giambi how much are we payin that juice head??. IDK but i think that if we dont make the playoffs Cashman better start packin his bags and look for a new job.

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    Yankee fans who think they deserve to win the World Series every year are ridiculous. Cashman has done a tremendous job for the most part, and the fact that he has kept the team competitive every year despite the fact that it's always a win at all costs mentality is remarkable. The Yankees won those World Series because George finally STFU and let his baseball people make decisions. If you think that Hank doing his best impersonation of his dad and throwing crazy fits all of the time will help anything, boy are you in for a disappointment.

    Source(s): p.s. I'm not a Yankee fan. I can't stand them, in fact. But Cashman has been fine.
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    I Partly agree, but think about it. Torre was an awful person to release form the yankees, and letting cashman go would also be bad. He has helped us get into the playoff's for 11 straight seasons, and has won 4 world series rings. Wihthout him, the yankees may become even worse. (And good luck finding a GM like Theo Epstien if you let Cashman go)

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    Since you are such the expert, why don't you ask ole Hank for his job. Afterall, HE is the one that decides everything, not Cashman.

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    You aren't firing anyone. You aren't in that position. You are a fan. If people in the front office or team listened to people like you (and me) a lot, they would be sitting with us soon because their boss would fire them.

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    yankees should hire Al Davis to take over

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    Better yet, why not fire Hank Steinbrenner?

    Source(s): Mets' fan........
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