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St Bernard Dogs =)?

Hey people!

I'm thinking of getting a St Bernard Dog!

Any of you have one?

You reckon it's a good idea!? =) X

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    We currently have two Saints. Our male is a little over two years old (he wieghs about 175lbs) and our female is eight months old (today she weighed 96lbs). They are the sweetest dogs and they are the BEST dogs with kids. We constantly get compliments from others about what nice, well behaved dogs they are. They are also slobbering messes and our female could eat us out of house and home if we let her. ( I don't mind the slobber but it drives my husband nuts. LOL) Slobber falls on the floor when they are drooling over food and it gets flung on the walls and ceilings when they shake their heads. They can be very stubborn and move at their own pace. Our male never does anything in a hurry. It does cost a small fortune at the vet. We got medicine for our male today and it cost nearly triple what my friend paid for the same meds for her lab. Their size requires alot more meds for the same effect. They shed ALOT! They require a great deal of training when they are puppies. It is very important to train them not to jump up when they are little because they could seriously injure someone when they are full grown. Also leash training is imperative unless you don't like your shoulders in their sockets. We have found that the gentle leader is extremely helpful with training for walks. Please take your time in deciding about a Saint. It is a huge commitment and responsibility. They are great dogs and have been fabulous additions to our family, but they aren't for everyone. Also finding a reputable breeder is a must!!!!! You want to be sure of their breeding practices. A good breeder focuses on temperment as well as physical features of the breed.

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    While I was growing up, we had, I think, a total of 4 or 6 St Bernards.

    They are pretty high maintenance dogs. Need at least weekly brushing, even with a short coat. They need a lot of exercise....and then there's the slobber. You will have to come to terms with the fact that you will get slimed. Everyday. At least once....and usually when you're leaving to go to work! ;) Some people have their jowels shortened to stop the slobbering, but it does nothing, and is just cruel!!

    They are fantastic, gentle, smart dogs. Cleo, who we got when I was 4 years old, was always my "babysitter." We would play in the yard for hours. If a stranger came into the yard, Cleo would knock me over, and stand over me until the stranger left, or my parent's came outside. Very protective.

    The larger the dog, the shorter the life span, also. I believe the average life expectancy is 8 years. Purebred Saints can have some huge health issues though. 3 of our Saints have gotten arthritis in their hips, and cataracts. However, they were all older than 8 when the arthritis started. Our current Saint is 11, and we've had one for 16 years. Our average is 13-14 years.

    Two of our puppies (we never breed, bought some females from a breeder, adopted others) were closely inbred ( I believe mother/son mix) and one of our pups had a defect that she could lock her jaw like a pitbull. Unfortunately, we were forced to put her down because of this.

    The same two puppies had their eyelids herniate (their already droopy eyes drooped so much they couldn't see!!), so we had to get them surgery for that when they were around 1 year old.

    All in all, they are fantastic dogs. They are definitely my favorite breed, and I'd have at least 2 of them if I had the space, time and energy.

    If you decide to get one, good luck! Buy a lot of lint removers, and keep wetnaps in your car for slobber streaks on your clothes!!! :D

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    BE CAREFUL! Lots of problems with puppy mill dogs, and St Bernards with health issues

    I wouldn't focus on breed as much as individual dog.

    (after all, there are so many puppy mill puppies and dogs around and that is big trouble as you can see by all the problems with these on this board)

    Dogs are like people. They each have different personalities and needs. You need to find the right match for your lifestyle.

    Every dog is different, even within breeds.

    NEVER buy a dog from the pet store, or classifieds, or websites. Those are the puppy mill puppies. Big trouble! See http://www.stoppuppymills.org

    And many of these breeds have severe health and behavior problems due to all the bad breeding going on. And they are not good with small children. Etc

    You need to find the right individual dog. For example, a housebroken adult that is quiet and good with kids, or lower activity dog, or whatever your needs are.

    Instead look at http://www.petfinder.com

    Talk to some shelters and rescue groups and breed rescues. Have a conversation with an adoption counselor about your lifestyle, needs.

    You need to find the right MATCH.

    Appearance doesn't matter. They can be cute as heck, but if they rip up the house or need huge amounts of exercise, not so good, especially if you are busy.

    Adopting a pet is like adopting a child. You need to take time, and talk to people who can help.

    And you might consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Great way to learn about dogs and dog care, help dogs, and find just the right dog for you!

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    Saint bernards are very expensive to care for being that they are a big breed of dog.

    Lets say the vet bill would be more on a saint bernard that a chihuahua because they are bigger, and food they eat a big bag of dog food a week or two.

    But they do make greatcompanions.

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    We had a beautiful St. Bernard for many years. She was dry mouthed, gentle and loving. It was a real heart break when her arthritis in her hips got so severe we had to put her to sleep. If shedding bothers you they are not the choice for you, but I would have another one in a minute if I was younger.

  • My Uncle has one and he is very expensive. Whatever medicine you give, such as Frontline or Heartguard, his dog needs 2 doses because he is so big. At his last vet visit, he weighed over 200 pounds.

    On the positive note though, he is a lovable giant. He is wonderful with kids and other animals. The other night, he was cleaning their new kitten. It was really cute.

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    They are sweet, gentle giants, but I don't know if one is a good dog for you. You need to research the breed and decide that for yourself. It is all about what dog will fit into your lifestyle, and weather you are able to train the dog you get. They are wonderful dogs though, Good Luck with your decision.

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    A friend of mine has one named Tuffy. He is so great, and loving! He slobbers alot, but every drip is made of love! I swear!

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    I think they are nice. they are more responsability then most dogs, but it is worth it! they are so sweet and loving!


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    i know someone who has 18 puppies of them email me for details

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