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how do i find an attorneys win/loss rate?

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    That's not a good indicator of an attorney's capability.

    The reason is, some attorneys take cases that are extremely challenging, while others, the more lightweight ones, only accept cases that they anticipate will be easy to win.

    Now, which attorney do you want to take your case, the lightweight with the good record, or the kick-a$$ bruiser who's not afraid to take on a challenge?

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    I don't think anyone could provide an accurate guesstimate of that, including the attorney himself. Many cases settle out of court, which is technically a "win". In the courtroom, winning or losing is viewed differently; getting a charge reduced may be considered a win, as is getting a reduced sentence. And the reason some cases "lose" may have nothing to do with the attorney at all; take the OJ Simpson case. If the police hadn't bumbled up the investigation, OJ would be in jail. So the attorney "lost" but not by his own actions.

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    Most attys don't even keep their own stats. Too many factors that affects winning or losing. The biggest factors are whether or not it is a good case, and whether or not the witnesses are credible. If you have a really good case, but the witnesses come across as used car salemen or polyester preachers, then I don't care how good an attorney you are, you can't fix this case.

    Several years ago Jerry Spense was reported to have a 100% win record. Don't know if he still does. But you can try and get him.

    ** Note: This is a general discussion of the subject matter of your question and not legal advice. Local laws or your particular situation may change the general rules. For a specific answer to your question you should consult legal counsel with whom you can discuss all the facts of your case. Answering this question does not indicate an attorney-client relationship. **

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    Thanks for your question. That is a more difficult question than you might expect. A win / loss record really refers to the lawyer's success rate. However, what is defined as success in any given case will be defined by its particular circumstances. In a criminal defense case, for example, a successful outcome is not always defined as an acquittal. In some cases an acquittal is near impossible. However, that does not mean that the case cannot be dealt with with a "successful" result.

    For example, a client with a long criminal record facing another charge where the case against him is overwhelming may define success as any outcome that does not result in jail time — a result that may be very difficult to achieve. Or what about the lawyer who tries a case, receives a terrible legal ruling, resulting in a conviction, and then has that loss later overturned on appeal?

    Or what if the jury returns a verdict of not guilty for two counts, but guilty on another count, or even on a lesser included offense?

    Although it may not be possible to get an acquittal in every case, the lawyer may be "successful" in helping the client attain his goal. Is such an outcome a win or a loss? In the examples above, both the lawyer and client may consider it a win. What if the lawyer considered it a loss even though he helped his client attain the desired outcome?

    With civil cases, like personal injury claims, over 90% of cases end up in a settlement. A settlement usually involves both parties compromising the amounts involved, and sometimes doesn't even include an admission of liability on either side - so you can't claim that one side or another 'won" or "lost" the case.

    This example demonstrates that the term "win / loss record" is not a meaningful one. Rather, information relating to a lawyer's ability to achieve the client's goals (which may be different from case to case), listening skills, communication skills, approach to a case, and experience are more helpful in selecting a good lawyer.

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  • 5 years ago

    Premonition tracks Attorney win rates.

    They have the World s largest litigation database.

    Their website is www.Premonition.ai

    Premonition is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find which Lawyers usually win before which Judges. It is a very, very unfair advantage in Litigation.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    In answer to your question, How do i find an attorneys win/loss rate?, I can tell you that you might get some help from http://inquirelawyers.com

    As you described; "" I hope it might help you.

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  • 7 years ago

    You guys are a bunch of fcuking A$$holes.. The question was simple but you got your emotion all tied up in knots. I've got newsfor you B*tches. "You are what you record says you are" I don't care what you think. I want a winner!!! and if that attorney has never lost I want them on my team. Simple concept.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    About the only way would be to ask him and most of them will lie about it. You might check court records for the results of his trial work if you knew which cases he handled.

    Typically, if you ask an attorney to prove his record he'd show you the door. Mere mortals are not allowed to question attorneys even though most of them are incompetent.

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  • 4 years ago

    Perhaps, but I'm not 100% on it

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