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What will happen if/when China, Japan & all other banks/governments STOP buying U.S. debt?????

The world is tired of the neoconservative unilateral foreign policies that are actually making the U.S. economy MORE vulnerable and dependent on foreign countries "generosity". The world will NOT finance the U.S. budget deficits if the U.S. continues this stupid unilateral foreign policy to attack/combat the Euro via "War on Terror" in the Middle East.

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    you really don't want to know this answer.. Lets not touch on this at this time.


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    LOL - when that happens. The US becomes the next 'third world country'. And we thought the Great Depression was bad. Ha! That will be a walk in the park once China and Japan have their way.

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    We will no longer exist as a Country. All mayhem will break loose within our boundaries. The President will declare Marshall Law, thus us loosing every free right we have.

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    Until the oil runs out they won't. They are happy to let the US be the middle east policeman for now.

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  • Why did you ruin a perfectly fine question with a diatribe of insanity? Honestly, it made no sense at all.

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