darlene from the bad girls club fight at club....?

ahh haha that guy got his *** handed to him. it was just great :)


rain drops!!! you have to watch it lol. when i seen the previews for it i was a little disappointed that she was just drunk being crazy but nope it was for a good cause haha. i mean that guy had it coming... i know i would have done the same b/c he was just being a total terd jerk!

Update 2:

yes they all have issues... kind of makes me see they type of person i used to be... i used to have anger issues like darlene but i'm better now :) i hope they all get better somehow

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  • 1 decade ago
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    LMAO he really did look like Simmons little brother. LOL Yeah he totally got what he deserved, he'll remember the next time he wants to dump drinks on girls, Jerk!

    But Darlene has issues...wait...ALL OF THEM HAVE ISSUES! Reason why they are on the show.

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  • She whooped that guy! I would not want to mess with her when drunk! He looked like Richard Simmons' little brother.

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  • I didnt even get to watch that episode :(

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