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What are the problem areas of Fort Worth Texas?

I am moving to fort Worth Texas very soon. What part of the city should I avoid as far as crime ( prostitution, drugs, gangs, etc)? I have an 18 year old daughter still at home and i do not want to get in a bad area of the city. Thanks

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    honestly, anything outside of the loop, which is loop 820 is a good area to be in... fort worth is flourishing very well, all except for east fort worth, i would stay away from there.. we really don't have that bad of gang problems, i mean don't get me wrong, it's there, but it's not as bad as you would think. depending on where the job is that you are working, traffic will be the major factor for you to put into consideration when looking for a place to live, it's not that bad, but can play a role... the north fort worth area is a great area and is ranked one of the fastest growing areas in forbes... but when you start looking around, you can see the growth in every direction... but to answer your question again, stay outside of loop 820... it's fort worth's highway that just makes a circle completely around the city. anything outside of that loop should be great for you!

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      does anyone know about the Sycamore area , specifically WILLOW GLEN apartments ??
      how is that area ???

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    There are many neighborhoods in the loop or near the center of the city that are good for the age of the neighborhoods. Got to keep that in mine.. There are some neighborhoods outside the loop that are hit or miss. But also it's all what you can afford and that usually is an obvious indicator.

    I live in Northbrook, which is in north Fort Worth. It has had some issues in the 12 years living there but not too bad but new houses around it built recently enchanced it.

    This is not to be confused with "Northside" which is a neighborhood not just an an old one at that and nasty and has had gang problems and violence. There and Diamond Hill has parts that have many Mexicans there and some of it reminds me of a bad Los Angeles suburb. Far north side such as Heritage Trace, Summerfields and Park Glen are very nice but expensive.

    West side and south like Riglea, Hulen, Arlington Heights...and even Como and Ryan Place have some good areas and some hit or miss but Berry St and Rosedale have really improved and becoming trendy and a place people are wanting to move into to. W.7th st and Camp Bowie blvd are some of the hot properties. Far west side....meh....far south side ok but boring. Anything east of I-35 is dicey. Aside from the Butler housing projects, anything on busy Lancaster has high crime and all the Morningrise neighborhoods are nasty and far east not very good either. Stop Six is bad and Meadowbrook is dicey. But it's all in perspective. Overall Fort Worth is one of the safest cities for top 20 US population cities.

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    Eastwood, Stop Six which is on the eastside past E'll know these areas because those are the names of some stores like "stop six plaza" "eastwood shopping center"

    the southside isnt the best, but Fort Worth isnt a bad city overall because its not anything close to the city i was born in: Los Angeles.

    The cops are always on duty in Fort Worth so you feel secure at all times, I can walk around late at night without any problems, gangs arent a real big issue like in L.A. and Fort Worth is safer than Dallas so youll have no problem finding a decent area, you can live in the outside cities of Ft. Worth like Hurst, Bedford, N. Richland Hills, Saginaw...but its a good city overall..try the Ridgmar area too which is on the westside

    I saw someone put stay out the eastside.....not all parts of the eastside are bad but yea its not the as nice as other areas in ft worth, i lived in the eastside and it wasnt too bad but the bad areas werent too far away like i said, E Lancaster which is a street, stop six and east wood

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    East is pretty bad to me.

    I live in South... and my neighborhood is great. North fort worth is a migraine of traffic in the morning. And parts of Northside are pretty bad.

    If you want, just message me certain parts of where you are thinking about living and I'll give you some detail.

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    I lived all around the area and the worst was in Riglea west of highway, called the Como area. Also lived in Halton City and that isnt too nice. N. Richland Hills was my next address and that was awesome!

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    Here is how I would crime rate FW:

    1. Southeast.....very bad

    2. Northeast.....bad

    3. Northwest...not so bad

    4. Southwest.....ok

    5. Far West....pretty bad

    6. Downtown.....ok

    I agree with the previous poster. Anything outside the loop is good. Anything inside the loop is hit or miss. Personally, if you really want to live near downtown I would checkout the Hulen area near TCU.

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    Interesting topic!

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    does anyone know about the Sycamore area , specifically WILLOW GLEN apartments ??

    how is that area ???

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