i have a accer aspire laptop, i have 2 hard drives on the computer... accer (c) and acer (d)?

the computer is only using C drive and D drive is sitting there doing nothing, i want to combine the 2 drives so that i just have one big hard drive, how do i do this? preferably frr of charge


thanks to Tom, i have managed to erase (d) drive, i now have 56gb unallocated space, how woild i allocate this space to (C) drive?

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    You might have one disk split into two partitions. If there is nothing on the D drive this is easily done - right click my computer, go to manage, go down to disk management. You can then delete the D drive by right clicking on it, and then extend the C drive to use the leftover free space.

    If you have two separate hard drives then it's got to stay as two disks unless you use a spanned dynamic volume in windows which never works very well, I'd leave it as two in that case.

    To see if you have one drive with two partitions or two drives with one partition each, just go to computer management as mentioned above then you can dee if it says C and D are both on disk 0, meaning one disk, 2 parts, or if you have disk 1 and 0 then it's two drives

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    The "D" drive on your Acer is actually a second partition on your hard drive. This drive contains all of the data that is needed to Restore your computer, Windows and all the drivers for your computer are part of this data. Most laptops require that you burn this data to a set of disk so that you will have a "Restore set" in case of a major crash wherein you need to reinstall your operating system and all the data that came pre-installed on your computer. If you loose the data that is stored on the "D" partition, you will loose your copy of the operating system and the ability to "Restore" your computer.

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    usually the drive is split and the c drive holds your programmes and the d drive your data and is usually much bigger. you cal use the d drive as far as im aware to store anything ie when u save as save it as d drive not c drive. hope it works sorry im not a techo.

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    I use my D drive to store music & pics & documents etc & the c drive to store programmes

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    don't make you drive C and D as one drive because if you need to format your drive to install windows you will lose your data


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