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Chest tattoo pain? Experiance shared please?

getting my first tattoo this week on my upper chest- in the centre just above the sternum... im rather boney in that area and have a low pain tolerence(yes im a chic meanies LOL)- but i really want this tattoo done, it is a celtic word that contains 4 letters and isnt going to be big. how long would it take, and do you think i could handle the pain? all experiences shared please =)

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    I personally found the chest pretty painful but lots of people say it's not too bad, relatively.

    You say it's four letters but how long it will take depends on size. If the letters are about an inch and a half each it will probably take about an hour, but again that's dependent on the artist to some extent as well.

    As for whether you can take it, I'm sure you can. Tattoos do hurt, I hate the pain, but it's nowhere near unbearable. And if you want the tattoo bad enough you'll easily put up with it.

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    Chest Tattoo Pain

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    My Boyfriend Has Many Tattoos Including His Chest & He Thinks It's The Worst Spot So Far... & He Has A High Tolerance For Pain... He Feel Asleep 30 Mins Into A 4 Hour Session On His Ribs But Only Just Made It Thru A 20 Min Session On His Chest...

    But It Does Vary From Person To Person...

    Go With Somewhere A Bit Softer For Your 1st Tattoo, Like Your Back.

    Good Luck

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    Word Chest Tattoos

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    I have a tattoo near the center of my chest and I have to say it was pretty painful. I'm actually already planning another tattoo on the left side of my chest now, so it wasn't bad enough that I wouldn't ever get one there again. It's not going to hurt as much as you think it will, because I know when you get your first tattoo your thinking that this is going to be so much more painful then it really will be.

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    I kept phasing into a tranquil meditative state (there's something about getting tatted that makes my soul feel at peace) but when the needle got to my jugular notch I was suddenly ripped out of bliss and had the intense (I mean an absolutely uncontrollable) urge to make it stop! It was a survival mechanism coming out, I'm sure but, if you're signing on to get a tat in a highly visible area such as your chest you'd best have experience with getting tattoos. You can NOT move while the needles are touching your flesh or you'll have a ****** up mark for life (and really piss off your artist). He saw that I was having a hard time so he would tattoo my jugular notch little bits at a time and do other areas of the tattoo in between. Also, being a woman, my breasts are much more sensitive than the average man's pecs so when he did the area of my breasts about 2 inches away from my areola my eyes started pouring and my arms tremored a bit. The worst part, by far, was feeling like my entire skeleton was vibrating. Not the way a car does as it's cruising down the road but more like my bones were actual Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators! Many of them... Inside my skin......... For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Hitachi - it is known as "the Cadillac of vibrators" and has a a 110V AC supply here in America but a 230V AC supply in Europe. That's REALLY STRONG! I had trouble sleeping for a few days because my bones wouldn't settle down and it was winter so I was freezing trying to sleep without a blanket or even a sheet on my chest (when anything touched it it stung like a ***** - much worse than any other tattoo I have). In conclusion, yes, it does hurt but as General Lewis B Puller said, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."If you're doing it for your own personal benefit then go for it!

    Here is a chart you can refer to:

    Good luck! Happy inking!

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    Well I just recently got a tattoo on the upper left side of my chest. It never went numb like the other tattoos that I have gotten. It was so intense that it literally was like the artist was all over my chest and neck and down my left arm. What was so weird it even made my bottom lip quiver. I've never had one to hurt that bad. Another thing I have recently lost approximate 60lbs. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I am very bony on my chest now.

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    I have 12 tattoos, including one on my chest. Out of all of the ones I have, I can happily say that i NEVER have to do that again. It was honestly the worst tattooing pain I've ever experienced. It was way "pinchier?" Does that make sense? lol. Mine is a lotus flower from where my neck meets my chest to my cleavage. OWWW

    Its beautiful though, so it was worth it.

    As far as the length of time, I dont think that anyone except for the artist that is going to do it can answer you. Some artist are really fast but some are super slow.

    You can definitely handle the pain. After a few minutes your endorphins kick in and its just numby feeling.

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    My chest hurt, but certainly not as bad as other areas, such as close to my knees.

    For me on my chest, the bonier part was less painful as opposed to the meatier sections of my chest.

    The pain, for me, feels like a sting. It feels like someone is rubbing a tiny rake across your skin. Then the pain is gone while your artist puts more ink on the needles, then it is back again. You get tons of little breaks from the needle while the artist reloads.

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