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If Obama wont get tough on gang crime, will he be tough enough to defend America ?


American, the Mafia has pretty much gone legit. need to keep up with the times

Update 2:

if a senator has NO impact on crime in their area why elect them ?

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    If there was ever a poster child for the Patriot Act, its the

    gang operation within the borders of the United States.

    These affiliations are nothing more than true Domestic Terrorist. They oppress the Neighborhoods and the citys

    they encapsulate. They have developed a very intricate

    and complex system of crime. They have good intelligence.

    And they have good recruiting.

    Now is Obama a non factor here, Yes, For he and others

    who live off the Black or Latinos in this country, only supply

    Rhetroic where action is required. Obama is a TYPICAL,

    politican. He is unlike any who have stood before him, He

    stands on the sidelines of the problem and points his finger,

    and Says SEE DE TRAIN WRECK. Then he makes some

    inflamatory comments about the present administration or

    there designatees. He follows that up with some flower and

    sugar statements about what should be done,,, Then he go's

    off to the next obvious situation and starts the procedure, all

    over again. He is a cheap imitation of what a strong leader,

    should be,

    Our own President sitting now, hasn't done a thing, nor Clinton before him nor Bush 41 before him, This puppet

    who is in Charge of Homeland Security, Should be the

    one taking the lead on this problem and is doing what

    he always does NOTHING. These gangs need to be rounded

    up. taking to a Federal Holding facility in a undisclosed

    area of the US, or one of its territorys. There they need to

    be identified, tagged. If they are illegals they need to be

    immediately removed from this country. With Shoot on sight

    warnings if they ever as much as return to this country. For

    the Gang Members who are Born in this country,,, They need

    to be kept at this US holding Facility, For the rest of there

    natural life. They are enemies of the country, and deserve

    nothing more. Make them work 10 hour days at hard labor,

    No TV, No frills or ammenities. Then we will see how fast the

    recruting falls off for the local gang, once the new ones find

    out what awaits them. Just a thought,

    Source(s): United States Justice Dept, SA (ret)
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    Organized crime, from the Mafia/La Cosa Nostra to M13 has had it soft in America for many years because they hide behind all of the legal protections afforded criminals in our society.

    Blame this on the liberal judges that regularly give repeat child molesters 6 months probation for ruiing a young life.

    Blame it on the liberals that want 20 years of appeals for a criminal caught red handed in a murder.

    Blame it on the ACLU that will do anything in its power to stop the punishment of a convicted killer all the while ignoring what will happen to society.

    Remember this, the liberals will say or do anything for the sake of their gain and hold political power, even lies to the American people and wish defeat for out troops in harms way. Why?

    Because their ideology dedmands they control the people and to hell with truth, justice, and the American way.

    Source(s): yes, I love old Superman re-runs too.
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    How can he? He wants bans on guns for American citizens, not understanding or caring that only the government, AND criminals will have them, leaving citizens defenseless against crime, and tyranny, and he wants to pull out of Iraq, leaving the innocent people who want a democracy there, weak, and defenseless.

    That makes Obama weak and defenseless, and he appears to be too stupid to know it, or too heartless to care.

    Obama who is weak, cannot run a country that is strong. With a man like Obama in charge of America, running it, America will become weak.

    You can't get strength from weakness, and nor do cowards produce bravery.

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    No he won`t ! I would feel more secure with Dudley Do Right . If you look into Obama`s wife Michelle`s eyes , I don`t think Obama can even pretend he`s tough on anything ! She could turn Obama to stone I think if she really wanted to just by the glare from those devious eye`s of hers`. For the life of me I just cannot picture her as "the first lady" , she just don`t fit the part !

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    No, he's a wimp. You can tell that by listening to him. He'll be crying an want to run home to mommy or daddy when he loses. You really shouldn't use the word tough in the same sentence with Nobama. He's just a puppet, empty-suited, Snake Oil Salesman.

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    Obama will not defend America, by pulling out of Iraq as he wants he will weaken it. Moral in the military will fall to rock bottom. The militaries willingness to go in harms way is dirrectly to the support of the people in Washington.

    Source(s): 1984-2006 USAF
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    There have been over 50 murders in his southside Chicago this year. The dynamic Duo of Obama and Wright , that have done so much for the south side appears not to have done enough.

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    Obama is a dang wimp and would not have the ba**s to defend America

    Whch by the way is the country he and Rev Wright hate so much

    Clinton 08

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    If He can't do the small job, of one State He was elected to do. How in the world are you going to run 50. States , We would be nuts, to turn this man loose our beloved America.

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    No. That whiny little pipsqueak can't even handle a well-drafted, pointed question about his associations with others. I'll bet he needs his ego boosted several times a day by his followers, and there is no doubt in my mind that Michelle is the spider killer in that family.

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