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Israel's sex slaves. Why is Israel now the hub of slavery!?

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Is this an eye for an eye in practice? Is this the way that Jews punish Europe for the crimes of what Hitler, a dictator and Atheist done?

Has it gone un-noticed or ignored? Israel is a young sovereign and prosperous state run tightly and equipped with more than sufficient resources to never let anything like this happen... So why has it happened?

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    National Geographic did a very large issue about slavery around the world. Israel was mentioned, mostly with the Russian girls. It didn't mention the near-slavery of Jewish Israelis who work in the Dead Sea under legal loopholes that destroy their workers' rights.

    However, it is wrong to say that Israel is "the hub of slavery". If you read the Nat'l Geo issue about Slavery, you'll see that it's a small thing compared to what happens in other countries.

    In fact, there are more Russian sex-slaves in the USA than in Israel. And if you take into account their situation: lured to a foreign country with promise of wealth and then kept in a degrading profession by fictional debts, then you have to count a lot of illegal immigrants to the USA as slaves.

    "equipped with more than sufficient resources..." are you sure about that? When a non-citizen is arrested for prostitution, she is deported. A famous case is of a woman who did this by herself, voluntarily, and when deported, left with enough money to buy a building in Moscow. But in every prosperous modern state that has welcomed immigrants from the former soviet states, you have the minority of Russian mafia who have a lot more, concentrated and protected, resources to get around the overworked underpaid government officials.

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    This is the back side of Israel's attempt to populate itself with immigrants from Eastern Europe - something the zionists never thought of in their quest to steal more land.

    Odd thing is that the East Europeans are using Israel as a door mat to America.

    What a mess the zionists have created, indeed!

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    Hitler was raised by Roman Catholic parents, but after he left home, he never attended Mass or received the sacraments, Hitler often praised Christian heritage, German Christian culture, and professed a belief in Jesus Christ. In his speeches and publications Hitler even spoke of Christianity as a central motivation for his antisemitism, stating that "As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice". His private statements, as reported by his intimates, are more mixed, showing Hitler as a religious man but critical of traditional Christianity.

    Don't tar Aethiests with your own crimes, gimp.

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    That's just sex slavery, WHAT ARE SWEAT SHOPS?

    Present day plantations, that is what. And everything we have is made impart or totally by slave labor.

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